Cazador de recompensas

Cazador de recompensas


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WS W (nl) wrote: Oh, a French Romeo & Juliet, a semi-musical.

Luciano G (ag) wrote: The movie is good and capturing.... the acting can be so and so at times, but the Jamie Bamber is really good.... it's worth watching!..

WK J (gb) wrote: Well, it looks nice.

David L (au) wrote: Harakiri does have a somewhat boring second act and that family stuff was unnecessary, but the storytelling here is fantastic with such a great use of flashbacks, a very unpredictable nature to it, clever themes and so many memorable scenes. It also has such a strong visual flair with many great shots, it is well directed and acted and it is overall such an interesting, really well crafted picture.

Shawn R (ag) wrote: First time I ever saw a John Wayne movie. Pretty good movie with a couple good character actors.

Tim R (us) wrote: One of the best spy movies I have seen. Great concept/plot! Brad Pitt!

CharlesLouis T (nl) wrote: Toujours quand mme assez bon mme si la ralisation est trs trs straight. Le rythme fonctionne, l'intrigue est l'fun, mais William Shatner est assez mauvais; aucune prsence, aucune profondeur dans son interprtation. Montalban semble compenser en jouant pour deux.

Shane S (mx) wrote: I love this movie! I think that, for the time, it was well done. Howard was like the Howard in the comic books. Lea Thompson was good. Funny and some action..