Ce soir, je dors chez toi

Ce soir, je dors chez toi

Alex (Jean-Paul Rouve) feels as if he's sitting on top of the world -- he's enjoying a successful career as a writer, and he's in love with a beautiful woman, Laeticia (Melanie Doutey) who ...

Alex and Laetitia appear to make the perfect couple. But, as much as he loves his gorgeous fun-loving sweetheart, Alex isn’t yet ready for her to move in with him. Laetitia has other ideas. She has already packed her bags and lets Alex know that she will be taking up residence in his apartment within a few hours. For Alex, this is his worst nightmare come true. In desperation, he persuades his best friend to simulate an attack of depression so that he can move in with him... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pablo E (au) wrote: Otra del Festival de Via del Mar, "Memorias cruzadas" es un interesante relato del encuentro que se produce entre amigos revolucionarios de la dictadura de Brasil, en el lecho de muerte de la lder carismtica del grupo, Ana. Es en este momento en el cual se descubre cmo el tiempo los ha distanciado, cmo interpretan de manera distinta algunos sucesos, cmo enfrentan la sexualidad de las nuevas generaciones, y quines han sido capaces de dar vuelta la pgina y perdonar, mientas que slo alguno de ellos han sabido pedir perdn. Recomendable.

Eric S (ru) wrote: "Hardflip" is no different than your typical Christian film. It's cliche, stereotypical, predictable, and boring. The director doesn't deal with his themes subtly and instead shoves them your face. I prefer themes to be underlying in films; having them spoon-fed to you detracts from the story and makes the film more of a propaganda. Which this is. Here's the case with most Christian films: Main character is not a Christian. Said character is going through some rough times. He/she gets introduced to God and is skeptical at first. Character eventually accepts God and everyone's happy. This formula gets old really fast. First off, I have met people who have overcome obstacles without God. I know people who are not Christians and are perfectly happy. "Hardflip" makes it out that if you're not a Christian then you're some punk who has no direction in life and likes to get drunk all the time. Seriously? Grow up Johnny Remo. I know Christians that act the same way. The film portrays people so stereotypically that it makes the director come off as ignorant and out of touch with real world. Remo is so determined in getting his 'life changing' message across that he forgets to create people that are genuine and real. His other film "Cutback" is even worse, and the cliches are so obvious that it will make you cringe.

Mehreen H (au) wrote: ...haunting and horrifying docudrama...on modern day loneliness...and how little we know of each other.

Devon D (es) wrote: I heart Tracy Morgan, will totally see anything with him.

Anderson G (gb) wrote: Mesmo focando muito na parte dos negcios e do dinheiro, tem umas partes de bastidores de produo bem legais da poca do renascimento da Disney.

Bill B (kr) wrote: A fragile young woman suffers a mental break and accidentally absconds with a ton of gangster's cash, thinking she's living in a soap opera that she loves and needs to travel to the hospital on the show to meet the love of her life. I'd first caught this one during the VHS days, and I was kinda surprised that while it is watchable, I wasn't as blown away by it as I expected to be.Rental.

William B (ru) wrote: The interesting concept is about the only thing keeping me from shutting off my TV right now. With Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler, I thought we'd be watching a pretty solid film tonight. I was wrong. Don't get me wrong, I was entertained at a couple points. But Michael Bay's cheap thrills and generic Hollywood plot tricks were endlessly frustrating. Just when you thought you'd seen it all, another "Deus Ex Machina" happens. Film leaves a bad taste in mouth. Maybe I need to start watching independent films that aren't motivated as much by revenue.

Lee M (us) wrote: Its palette isn't primary: It's nuanced with numerous secondary shadings.

Simon S (us) wrote: Ray Liotta / Thriller

Ramie T (au) wrote: The films should be named as "Nelly" instead, since it's SHE who is the centre of the attention.

Curtis H (ca) wrote: The very first Martin and Lewis double team has some great moments and is an enjoyable watch. The mishaps of Lewis in his Army trading camp are hilarious and Martin creates a great character as the big man always looking out for Jerry. Laughter abounds.

Aaron C (jp) wrote: Really funny film, worth a watch

FilmGrinder S (ru) wrote: Love the animation, but prefer the original D.