Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids

A naive Midwesterner insurance salesman travels to a big-city convention in an effort to save the jobs of his co-workers.

Tim Lippe has no idea what he's in for when he's sent to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to represent his company at an annual insurance convention, where he soon finds himself under the "guidance" of three convention veterans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cedar Rapids torrent reviews

Kate A (ag) wrote: This movie is what would have happened if Wes Anderson had made Up. Funny at times but mostly absurd humor, touching at times but mostly watching the train wreck that happens when people make a series of bad life choices.

Reini U (it) wrote: It starts as a simple predictable documentary about three completely different restaurants and their "chefs" with a rather phony unsympathetic lead character, turns the story around with unexpected dramatic conflicts. The story is still simple and played by the book, but nevertheless powerful, and changes our understanding. With "After Tiller", "Bible Quiz" and "Stories We Tell" one of my favorite docs of the year.

Bruno V (mx) wrote: A Real cool Travolta i've seen here ! Great action , fun conversations at times ! SOMDVD

Pia K (it) wrote: Ehk hieman siloiteltu, mutta toimiva ja mieleen jv tarina (by Paulo Coelho) itsetuhoisuudesta. T tytyy kyll lukea kirjanakin...

Ken Gabriel A (gb) wrote: This movie was kind of magical and amazing to think about.

Harry W (ca) wrote: Yuck, NPH why did you subject yourself to this crap, you're better than this. You know the well has really run dry when Warner Brothers starts bringing The Smurfs and Yogi Bear back from the dead in live action form. Children will not recognize The Smurfs nor will they care. Run while you still can.

Justin A (gb) wrote: I must confess that I have a bit of a soft spot for direct-to-video 1990s horror movies. They're really bad, but I just have a nostalgia for that time period. Children of the Corn 5 is pretty intolerable though. On the surface it had some things going for it: Eva Mendes before hitting it big, Alexis Arquette when she was still an awkward guy, David Carradine and Fred Williamson with nothing better to do... There was some promise. But there is little fun in this movie, with the plot dragging along while characters walk from scene to scene just to talk. It brings nothing new to the table that hasn't basically been addressed in the first movie or (better yet) the 40-page short story. It just felt like a waste of time. But I did have to nudge the score up just ever so slightly because of the death scene with David Carradine and Fred Williamson. It's hilariously awesome. Worth going out of your way just to find that.

Erik G (kr) wrote: I find Slums Of Beverly Hills neither comedic nor compassionate, and yes, I disliked every minute of it. Don't even ask me about Vivian's breasts.

Samantha S (ru) wrote: I like Hope Davis.She should get far more credit than she does.

Bianca K (br) wrote: I loooved the movie and they were the perfect cast.

Grant T (fr) wrote: Not a bad adaption to a good Stephen king book

Sofia D (ca) wrote: I just remember it from when I was little, but it's a period film in a way that it was made in the 90s set in the 50s about forbidden romance and a child friend.

bill s (us) wrote: What a horrible movie that was looked on so promisingly.

Aaron N (gb) wrote: I shut it off after 10 mins. Beyond horrible. And how the heck did John Williams get stuck doing this movie?

aiden t (gb) wrote: Much like Death Proof, this stand alone version is a much better, more complete film.