Cel mai iubit dintre pamînteni

Cel mai iubit dintre pamînteni

The film is an adaptation of a novel by Marin Preda, a controversial novelist who died during the Communist rule soon after the book was published. It tells the story of an intellectual, ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:Romanian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

The film is an adaptation of a novel by Marin Preda, a controversial novelist who died during the Communist rule soon after the book was published. It tells the story of an intellectual, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric H (br) wrote: Sunlight Jr. might be a very authentic and realistic portrayal of an underrepresented side of society, but it really doesn't have anything to say either. It is grim and realistic, but there is no message. It's as if we got to catch a glimpse of someone's life, but we don't learn anything we haven't already seen before. The performances from Watts and Dillon are what make this film slightly tolerable, but the pacing and lack of narrative hurt this film. It is just a sad film that fails to connect with you. Sunlight Jr. can be described as a slice-of-life drama, but there isn't really much more to this indie. It is a very slow and depressing film to sit through and I think that was Collyer's intention. She's not aiming to entertain, she wants us to see the struggle these people go through, but she does so without giving us any hope whatsoever and leaves us depressed.

Paul S (ru) wrote: good movie not the best sequel but if you know nothing about the first did a good job of explaining the past

Bruno V (mx) wrote: OOps , bad reviews ...ok not a highflyer bud liked Bullock playing this caracter , also liked to know how she makes a cross-word-puzzle , enjoyed it . SOMDVD

Pete C (it) wrote: Incredibly heartwarming and breakinga t the same time.

Michelle C (nl) wrote: Fairly mediocre. It's not really that the acting is bad, it's just that the screenplay isn't fleshed out where the characters are concerned. There are solid dynamics between some of the characters, but, in the end I think where there should have been time made for character study, there was time made for plot elements that imitate character study without really achieving it. But, who cares, really, when you've got Til Schweiger to look at?

Hli L (gb) wrote: The atrocities in Sarajevo are not an easy or popular subject to take on but serve as the perfect backdrop for Winterbottom who seems more focused in exposing the disgusting side of journalism in a world that is now so used to watching shit hit the fan for entertainment. I just wish it were compulsory viewing for media vultures...

Emily B (kr) wrote: Miles better than 'Bend it Like Beckham'.

Joseph H (mx) wrote: This film is nothing but special effects thrown in your face. The film struggles to make Freddy scary but comedic and it fails to impress and scare. Go watch New Nightmare instead of this crap.

Andy I (ru) wrote: One of my faves of all time

Patrick S (au) wrote: An awesome historical artifact that inspired Airplane!

Sean J (kr) wrote: Great film. I thoroughly enjoy the storyline and the acting. I was amazed by the CG. Its so clear, crisp and realistic. Incredible in 3D. I found myself caught up in tbe beauty of it all. You know going into it that its a long movie but I never thought about it once it started.

Jonathan S (kr) wrote: Even more epic than I remembered.

Craig S (ca) wrote: I didn't see any reason for this movie other than some sort of emotional masturbation. I don't understand why anyone would write a fictional movie about a war that had millions of real stories that would make great movies. Seems to me the director tried too hard to make a tear jerker movie but it was not convincing. There was very little about this movie that makes it worth watching. One of those things was the scenery and some really nice camera work. The ending just fell flat leaving the viewer wondering 'What happened and why did I just watch this?' My opinion; horrible movie, the best part was when it was over!.