Celal ile Ceren

Celal ile Ceren

Celal, who dreams of achieving happiness as a ladies' man and charmer, soon gets into difficulties and suffers misfortune. Back when Celal was in a relationship, he was jealous of the life of a bachelor.

Celal, who dreams of achieving happiness as a ladies' man and charmer, soon gets into difficulties and suffers misfortune. Back when Celal was in a relationship, he was jealous of the life of a bachelor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Latch M (fr) wrote: Was a nice film but not as good as the 1st one.

Reini U (nl) wrote: American reviewers didn't like it that much, but the korean audience stormed the theatres, 10 million out of 50 million koreans already saw it, and it passed the 10 million mark one week faster than Avatar. It's a courtroom drama and a typical Song Kang-Ho film, so what? First, after the torture drama "Nation Security" last year it's one of the very few real historic film about the troubled past of military dictatorship, the student protests, which eventually led to the overthrow of the illegal military regime backed by the US. Which also led to the korean film wonder in the last century, with Song Kang-Ho one of its biggest stars. As it is a real life story happening during the dictatorship but not ending with it, the dramatic end is a bit difficult to achieve. The attorney fights for justice but cannot win under these circumstances. Koreans know that, americans find it too sappy and melodramatic, an uneven mix of the dramatic discourse with the melodramatic pathos. But the story is pathetic, like the fight of the knight of la mancha against a national security state system, and the hero has no idea who he is fighting against, in the end he is a pure idealist coming from a very unusual unidealistic background.

Al H (gb) wrote: As good like the first one.

Samuel J (es) wrote: Terrible Acting... Terrible Movie!!

Borhan K (fr) wrote: Newlyweds is another movie from Ed Burns movie based around a newlywed couple playing happy couple and analyzing everyone elses relationship and their flaws but forget to look at their own issues and try to work on them which they try to work on late in the movie.This movie in a brief nutshell is like Ed Burns early movie Sidewalks of New York. A movie and a documentary all in one. I didn't mind this flick but i prefer Sidewalks of New York this movie is like part 2 of that movie. If you like Ed burns movies you will enjoy this. Movie talks about brutal honesty which is true but their is a manner in which you can be honest you do not have to be blunt all the time and you can be honest with respect and correct articulation and i do not mean over analytic articulation it just means to have open communication that would be the basis and foundation of any a good relationship.

Rosetta W (ru) wrote: I've never heard of this movie, never saw the preview, didn't read the description... It is by far the most intense, chaotic, heart breaking movies I've ever seen.

Jarred L (gb) wrote: While I liked the fact that the entire film took place in front of a gray backdrop, I really felt like there just wasn't much to "Therese." The removal of context placed a lot of responsibility on the characters themselves, and they just couldn't bear it. The film also failed to be as engaging as it should have been. This was supposed to be based on the life of a woman who was canonized. Show us why, please.

Daniel T (jp) wrote: Every great director reaches a point in their career when they begin to lose what it was that made them great to begin with. Allen might be getting there, but it isn't with this film of his. What makes this film great is the subject it deals with: literature, art, romance, relationships, and life. What also makes this film great is the cast. Wilson is Allen in this film. The wit, charm, and neurosis of Allen in Annie Hall is re-embodied in Wilson during this film. While the film could have easily been transformed into a drama, which is probably what most directors would do with this film, it isn't. Allen turns it into a thoughtful and sentimental comedy, which is why this film is great.

Keira R (us) wrote: Interesting enough. Has a "Like Water for Chocolate" or "Frida" type of feel to it. This damn fool has been after the same girl for over 50 yrs. Time to give it up, man! Overall, it's interesting enough, a bit too long, but I can't help but shake the feeling that English feels forced in this film. I think John Leguizamo is terribly miscast, but everyone else is pretty good. Un poco absurda a veces but nice cinematography.

Mandeep S (us) wrote: This is intense film with superb acting by Arshad, Pankaj Kapur & Shashank Singh.Do watch it despite its poor review. Its a good movie.

Miguel R (au) wrote: Richard Donner's 16 Blocks is a tense, action packed film that's worth a watch

Rick H (br) wrote: Up there with Style Wars as one of THEE finest documents on the art of Hip Hop and primarily, the dance. well put together and some great interviews with many of the OG' s of the art form that is B-Boyin'. Big Tip!!

Sharon B (au) wrote: An inventive, strange, and intriguing film that is wonderfully unique and captivating to watch.

Stephen B (fr) wrote: To be honest, probably overrated, but entertaining nonetheless.

Brian M (kr) wrote: Great movie. Brilliant story.

Jeff B (mx) wrote: Well, I'd never seen a Charlie Chan film, so I wanted to check one out. Short, funny, and clever, it's got witty dialogue and some good laughs. Too bad I think I started with one of his best, because looking at his other films, they haven't gotten the great reviews. Anyway, Boris Karloff is an opera singer who esapes from an insane asylum and makes his way to the opera and some murders start happening. To be honest, most the time while watching this I couldn't help but think of Peter Sellers in Murder by Death, and he nailed the impersonation (well, so did the screenwriters with the sidekick son). I'll probably check out a coule more of the Chan films.

Pamela S (ag) wrote: I was not super impressed the first time I saw this movie. It had been hyped up so damn much that I was expecting to be blown away- like Pretty Woman good. But for some reason I got the urge to watch it again, & again, & yet again. The more I watched it the better it became. Dornan is super sexy- especially when he eats her bread... And, Johnson is stunningly beautiful. 3.5 Stars for the first viewing- 1.5 for the effect it left on me afterwards- for a total of 5 Stars!