This is a collection of portraits: 23 short stories about the Marij women, a sort of Decameron suspended between magic and realism, in which the Autonomous Republic of the Marij El serves as a backdrop for the collective history of a people of ancient tradition. A journey into a mysterious and unknown part of the world.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:58 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:moon,   color,   nasa,  

Taking the form of an experimental portrait, 'Celestial' explores the poetry of the sky, a space of fascination and contemplation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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HungYa L (mx) wrote: The story is actually okay but I simply am not a fan of Jamie Foxx.

Deepak S (de) wrote: Ava grande film making, with strong screenplay, techical expertise and commercially pleasing sound track

Jack H (gb) wrote: Really great movie I can watch again and again

Becca A (jp) wrote: I'm not so sure this wedding is such a good idea. I don't like what I'm seeing from these Fockers.

Corbin R (us) wrote: Worst installment in the franchise. Skip at all costs!!!

adam u (ag) wrote: I absolutely love this movie, Andrea Roth as as entertaining and early Jack Black is just starting to get his acting chops

Ninjaw P (nl) wrote: Un des premiers film gay "irresponsable" d'araki, enfin dispo en france. Je l'ai trouv trs interessant, mais il y a trop d'elements que l'on retrouvera dans Doom Generation

Raqueila C (us) wrote: great movie it is one of my favorites

Lisa J (gb) wrote: Not one of the better Tom Hanks movies.

Keiko A (es) wrote: Directed by Umberto Lenzi and Starring Hugo Stiglitz, Laura Trotter, Mel Ferrer, Francisco Rabal, Sonia Viviani and Eduardo Fajardo. Without a doubt the best title ever "NIGHTMARE CITY" and you would also expect the story to be cool as well with its Escape Theme. But alternately the film is so DULL and what I can remember when I was around 6 when I first saw it the movie freeked me out a lot...But these days it took me more than one watch before I got throw the entire film. Umberto Lenzi is a very talented director but I don't think directing horror movies is a good idea for back then...Or maybe it's just me for not likening this. But as from what I have read the movie was very successful in my country during its first theatrical run in 1981 under the title of "City of the Walking Dead", and a matter of fact I saw this not long ago for a re-release when I was holidaying in Fukuoka with my younger brother and sister. An Uncharted plane lands that seems to be connected to a radiation spill in another city in Italy and reporter Miller is assigned to investigate it. But after the military open the plane hundreds of radiated Zombies escape across the airport and start infection all the citizens of that district. Miller wants to warn people about the disaster that is happening before it escapes into the city, But the army keep it secret so they can contain it. But Miller needs to escape the city after the zombies break loose and find his wife. First thing you might say is the story might sound awesome but the story can just drag most times and so much. 50% for story: I am 50% mixed on what I thought of it, Personally some scenes are just awesome with the zombies raiding place and the escape elements are really good...But it's the way the story drags on sometimes in to all these random events and complicated dialogue that ruins it. And the talking scenes can be so dull and boring. 55% for characters: Some characters are more interesting than others like our mad scientist but overall I am HMMM it throughout the film with their little backstories and some characters are so different to the film. 60% for acting: Our lead Mexican actor Hugo shows he can act with Lenzi's little direction given film but overall it's all just above average and can be pretty good and the dubbing is really good...But we do have our week points. 80% for special effects: I am not going to lie some of the coolest zombies to ever come out of Italy or any film and they look amazing, And the special effects are radical mad they might have their week points but overall I liked them a lot...And the special effects good with the jumping onto the helicopter scene. 68% for everything: Some creepy and dark settings on Rome when the zombies cut the city's power and people are crashing their cars. But overall the shadow effects are flawless and would make you jump I felt like some things in this movie was missing something. I think really the film could have been better but did a great job with the budget at hand but I think my expectations where to high because of the title of the film. Keiko's score 56-100 BBFC Rating 18 Eirin Rating R-15+

Isaac J (es) wrote: Nifty take on the vampire genre. Lots of blood vomiting, rape and (I'm assuming) intentionally stilted, yet bizarrely effective performances. Great music.

Joe H (ca) wrote: A troubled film that managed to keep my interest.... There are flaws, but the performances seemed to be genuine (although there were scenes in the script that needed work.)

Javier M (it) wrote: Best blockbuster ever! Cameron at its best!

Dean H (nl) wrote: I loved the characters! Except Feathers.