At 22, Céline receives several shocks: her father dies and she learns she was adopted; she rejects her inheritance, so her fiancé jilts her. She's suicidal. A nurse sees her weeping in ...

At 22, Céline receives several shocks: her father dies and she learns she was adopted; she rejects her inheritance, so her fiancé jilts her. She's suicidal. A nurse sees her weeping in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenna20 Q (fr) wrote: The Purge: Election YearThe Purge: Election Year is the third in the series; which much like the others, is centered around violence and action. Almost every scene contains some sort of shooting, blood, dead bodies, car crashes, or fighting. Director James DeMonaco takes the Election Year on a different tract than the first two. The psychological theme still remains, but this movie takes a closer look at the horror in the political aspect, but the plot isn't as thrilling when viewed in today's society. James DeMonaco takes a controversial leap when he adds Senator Charlie Roan, who is strictly anti- Purge, against Minister Edwige Owens. Owens and the New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) want to get rid of Roan desperately to win the upcoming election. This government- sanctioned holiday, Purge Night, encourages citizens to "purge and purify" themselves by committing crimes, which adds great thrill, yet debate, when DeMonaco places working- class characters against politicians and upper-class citizens. The tragedies and politics today make this movie offensive and not thrilling whatsoever- why place these ideas in the minds of a society who already looks at violence in America as a "normal" thing. The New Founding Fathers of America, use the Purge to profit from the despair of the less fortunate, much like the original Purge. The Election Year, on the other hand, exploits a hypocritical atmosphere. Charlie Roan's whole campaign is about eliminating the Purge and how strongly "against it" she is, so; how does it make sense that she allows her bodyguard, Leo Barnes, and her friends, Joe and Dawn, to stop NFFA by murdering them? The 'good guys' are no better than NFFA. This part of the movie is frustrating, it goes against the entire goal of the main characters and theme, which is to ultimately stop the Purge. For people who are so strongly against the Purge, you would think they'd find a different way to stop it rather than partaking in it. I understand that changing this area of the film would alter the action and violence of the movie, but overall, it contradicts what the director is depicting within the film. On top of hypocrisy, DeMonaco also adds racism. One area in particular, is within Joe's character dialogue. DeMonaco gives Joe the "stereotypical black male in America" vibe. While DeMonaco may include this character to be funny or reverse the stereotype, in a sense, it comes off as highly racist and insensitive. A specific scene that comes to mind, is when Joe and his group is surrounded by gang members. Joe compares this experience to "a bucket of fried chicken that is about to be attacked by a bunch of negroes." The relationship between fried chicken and black societies is overrated and immature on DeMonaco's part, especially since Joe uses this terminology multiple times throughout the film. I find this movie to be the opposite of thrilling. DeMonaco's attempt to enlighten today's issues very clich and immature. It was a cheap punch and some very real issues surrounding our society today. "it's time to purge the Purge."

Susan C (us) wrote: What the hell did critics see in this? The cinematography of the opening scene is quite good and feels nostalgic. The acting is okay. The plot is simply bizarre, one to which the conclusion is just as bizarre. Good luck!

Grant S (it) wrote: Rango is a chameleon. Literally. He is wandering through the desert, having escaped the clutches of a hawk, when he stumbles into the town of Dirt. After massively exaggerating his skills as a gunfighter, challenging the town hoodlum to a duel and (accidentally) killing the town's greatest menace, a large hawk, he is made Sheriff of the town. It is then that he discovers that the town has a massive water shortage. After chasing down some outsiders who robbed the bank, it appears the reason for the shortage may be due to intentional interference, and may be close to home.Good fun. Started pretty badly - plot was over the place and it appeared you needed to be high to enjoy it. However, from a point, around about the saloon scene, the movie finds focus and kicks up several notches. Ends having a decent plot (though a tad derivative of Chinatown), some good humour, great CGI and good action sequences.Vocal casting is spot-on, with Johnny Depp to the fore as Rango. All-star supporting cast delivers in spades.

hopper k (nl) wrote: again, destruction on a massive scale. gotta love it :-)

Robert B (it) wrote: Great atmosphere-- a horror film that's actually creepy-- but the plot spins out of control about halfway through. Could have been great.

crystal a (es) wrote: hilarous but super funny its so vintage lol ! u need 2 see it !

Adam F (au) wrote: "Canadian Bacon" pokes fun at the stereotypes Americans have about Canadians and if you're familiar with them you'll have a good time. The film's premise is grounded somewhat in a bizarre plausible reality but totally goes off the deep end to become a smart satire of politically influenced media and war propaganda (which the director is more than familiar with). The film is often very goofy and completely ridiculous but it's a lot of fun and it's actually pretty smartly written. The conclusion isn't as strong as the middle so it's a bit of a let-down but if you've ever poked fun at the differences between Canadians and Americans you'll have a lot of laughs. (Dvd, December 5, 2012)

Andrey B (ru) wrote: Nice 80s entry in a teen oriented genre with smart dialogue.

Shelley K (es) wrote: This fim is a lot of fun and doesn't take itself too seriously. Includes Hitler, a self-eating midget and a whole lot of laughs.

bill s (ca) wrote: The difference in this film is it's heart and humanity and also one fine performance by Morton.

Daniel K (ca) wrote: Any director that pushes for Sterling Hayden instead of Humphrey Bogart definitely has a specific vision in mind. De Toth sticks to it and uses LA locations quite well. Strange ending for a noir, can't tell if the happy noir endings are more often the work of the writer/directors or the studio moguls. It's certainly not like Fury, but it definitely catches you off guard.

Jude P (br) wrote: Mesmerizing and the concept resonates so deeply that I believe one of the best psychological/science fiction thrillers ever made.

Andrew M (mx) wrote: Race to Witch Mountain is action-packed and adventurous. This movies plot is brilliant. Disney has brought us another great movie. I would very much suggest this movie.