Cell 213

Cell 213

Cocky young attorney Michael Gray finds himself framed for murder when an inmate he is defending violently kills himself during their interview at South River State Penitentiary. Now locked in the same nightmarish Cell 213 where his client died, he soon realizes that unnatural forces are behind a string of inmate suicides, making matters of guilt and innocence not as cut and dry as they seem.

The unethical lawyer Michael Grey is defending a criminal in court and if he succeeds| he will become partner of the office where he works. He secretly hires a
criminal to frighten an important witness from the prosecutor to win the case. The trial is suspended to the next day and Michael drives to the South River State
Penitentiary to visit another client. Michael is received by the Warden and guard Ray Clement that blames him for releasing criminals from prison. While alone with
his client| the inmate takes Michael's pen and stabs himself in his own neck. Ray accuses Michael of murdering the inmate and the lawyer is sentenced to the prison.
He is locked in cell 213 and has an abusive treatment from the Warden and Ray. Michael has visions in the cell and soon he discovers that the criminal he hired has
killed the witness and his family. Further| his deceased client is haunting him. Meanwhile the government agent Audrey Davis comes to South River State Penitentiary
to investigate the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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