Cellar Dweller

Cellar Dweller

In the 1930s a horror-comic artist's creations come alive and kill him. Years later a new cartoonist revives the creatures in his house, now part of an artist's colony.

In the 1950s a horror-comic artist's creations come alive and kill him. Years later a new cartoonist revives the creatures in his house, now part of an artist's colony. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hans S (gb) wrote: Amazing acting that make the movie feels real

Richard D (ca) wrote: Lovely gentle beautiful treatment of the relationship between a widowed Cambodian-Chinese mother who lives in a foreign land - England - and her gay son and his partner. In an unhurried way Lilting touches on the profound themes of ageing, parent-child relations and immigration. Recommended

Ccile P (fr) wrote: A moins d'tre un inconditionnel du petit bonhomme la crte jaune, on s'ennuie ferme devant ce gros (C)pisode qui n'aurait pu facilement durer que 27 minutes au lieu d'1h27. Une (C)toile et demie pour l'humour et cette jolie faon de d (C)peindre l'enfance.

Maru E (fr) wrote: Otra ridcula pelcula de baile

Emily D (ru) wrote: For those of us who have had a mattress on the floor, or the friend who is a struggling musician skirting bills, this film is like watching yourself on the screen. Natural and nuanced, I really like the slice of like approach and the way the characters charm their way into your head and heart. This film brought me back a lot. I can understand how some might hate this, and some might not understand, but for those who this film was made to touch, I think it will connect very, very well.

Pampalini L (br) wrote: Based on the true story of Jack DiNorscio, a mobster who defended himself in court for what would be the longest mafia trial in U.S. history.

Cynthia S (fr) wrote: Dangerous Liaisons...Japanese version. Much better than the American version. Beautifully done.

Michael M (kr) wrote: Not much of a movie. More like a travel advisory warning and one of the main reasons you won't catch me Scuba diving. At least they squeeze a topless scene into the 79 minute running time.

Josue F (it) wrote: Entretiene, la protagonista esta un poco loca ja ja

Ashley H (ag) wrote: Really good film. 2 young Newcastle fans dream of having a season ticket each, but to do so they need to raise the money in their own way. This involves them gettin into plenty of trouble & ending up in some sticky situations. It may seem like a nice family film, but it does have a gritty side to it & some very emotional scenes.

David H (it) wrote: one star better than mission to mars.

Phillie E (kr) wrote: Blues Brothers died when Belushi died.

Byron B (mx) wrote: nominated for best foreign film at the oscars

Bev B (br) wrote: this film was shot locally,, my husband was one of the extras

MacDara C (de) wrote: (Watched Sat 28 Apr 2012) A weird little horror thriller, one of those creepy video covers you saw on the racks at the rental shop when you were a kid but doesn't stand up to expectations after all those years.

Shae S (it) wrote: So, so funny. The Hanson brothers are amazing.

Craig C (mx) wrote: A 1950's science fiction classic that inspired Alien. Well-written and with a haunting theramin score, it has aged well, despite the trappings of the era.

Jon P (kr) wrote: Visually and narratively ahead-of-its-time, Victor Sjostrom's Dickensian ghost story is silent cinema at its finest and most influential.The film weaves menacing folklore and musings on moral centres around a non-linear narrative told in flashbacks and, sometimes even flashbacks-within-flashbacks. But its the film's gruelling use of superimposition and post-production trickery that really impresses.Gorgeously shot and genuinely chilling throughout, The Phantom Carriage's simple special effects and ghoulish grey sets still tingle the spine to this day. And we're talking about a movie that's now 94 years old.

Pavan R (br) wrote: What a fantastic movie. A simple and beautiful story which stands out due to some very good direction and very good performances. Well done to all those involved

Matthew M (es) wrote: Movie was pretty good all around, if your good with intense torture, disregard my rating