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Lynda M (es) wrote: Russo likes to poke and question things that are not clear and this is why documentaries like this are needed. The matter of Tax is as clear as mud, yet in my understanding, no one has to pay tax if they do not wish to as basic human rights states that. Whether it is illegal to not pay tax of not, is not a law, it seems 'accepted' as being law, but not written, hence the lack of understanding and education continues.

Li W (mx) wrote: The story was a little out there. The two halfs of the movie didnt seem to fit and the ending was rushed. The evil character had no history but there was great special effects. The dancing was amazing. But overall too unbelievable to pass for a good movie in in the unbelievable world of Bollywood.

Rachel M (kr) wrote: [size=3][font=Times][color=white][b][i][color=darkorange]Love Finds Andy Hardy[/color][/i][/b] 6/10[/color][/font][/size][font=Times][size=3][color=white]Good god, Mickey Rooney is a goober. But he is rather enjoyable. [/color][/size][/font][size=3][font=Times][color=white] [/color][/font][/size][size=3][font=Times][color=white][b][i][color=darkorange]In The Good Old Summertime[/color][/i][/b] 7/10[/color][/font][/size][font=Times][size=3][color=white]One of Judy Garland?s best. It was a cute story and funny. There was one creepy part. In the last scene, Van Johnson?s character takes his finger and rubs it on Judy Garland?s head? yeah?[/color][/size][/font][size=3][font=Times][color=white] [/color][/font][/size][size=3][font=Times][color=white][b][i][color=darkorange]The Ex[/color][/i][/b] 4/10[/color][/font][/size][font=Times][size=3][color=white]There were some funny moments. Lacked charm. [/color][/size][/font][size=3][font=Times][color=darkorange] [/color][/font][/size][size=3][font=Times][color=white][b][i][color=darkorange]If These Walls Could Talk 2[/color][/i][/b] 7/10[/color][/font][/size][font=Times][size=3][color=white]I loved it. I only wish that each story had more to it. I would have loved to have seen all of the stories, especially ?1961,? as a full length features because they left me wanting more. MORE![/color][/size][/font][size=3][font=Times][color=white] [/color][/font][/size][size=3][font=Times][color=white][b][i][color=darkorange]As Luck Would Have It[/color][/i][/b] 3/10[/color][/font][/size][font=Times][size=3][color=white]Lame![/color][/size][/font][color=white][/color]

Craig G (es) wrote: You have to like motorcycles for this to be anything more than a time-waster, but I do, so I love it. It gives great insight into why we motorbike types are the way we are. The "Faster & Faster" bonus disc is the gem in the set, in my opinion.

Andrew R (au) wrote: Mr Bean's more retarded in this one

Greg W (us) wrote: good western directed by william wellman (wings).

Benjamin T (mx) wrote: intereante propuesta, bien desarrollada, con actuaciones interesantes

Bruce B (it) wrote: This Movie was shown as part of the Quentin Tarantino Film Festival in 1997. Most films on this list are very hard to find on DVD. To be in the Tarantino Film Festival most are over the top. This one was filmed in 1979 and we have a young man who is kidnapping women and burning them to death then dressing them and sitting them in a room with his dead mother. Acting was pretty cheap, best parts were scenes with dead burnt women chasing our main star around the house at the end, makeup on these was outstanding. A good all night drive in flick, For Halloween, naw there is better out there, if your having a pre 1990 festival then go for it. But I can only give it 3 stars.

Chris S (it) wrote: A powerful film provaking generational accepts. Peter Boyle plays Joe, a loudmouthed factory worker with a bigots Mean streak. One day joe comfronts Bill Campton (Dennis Patrick), a wealthy executive who has murdered the drug-addicted boyfriend of his daughter (played by a young and hot Susan Sarandon). Then the two form an unholy alliance. And After Bill's daughter runs away; they search for her in a psychedelic underworld they both despise. The film wonderfully provokes generational accepts that had been happening in the 60's and 70's. Peter Boyle fives a performance that highlighted his career as an actor, one of his best; you would forget that 20 years later he went on to play Ray Romano's father on Everybody loves Raymond. A powerful and brutal story with a dark and chilling final scene. A film that is just important as EASY RIDER.

The Wandering Flame (au) wrote: Good cast, but was a hit-n-miss

James S (es) wrote: A fun film with great characters and some really great animation sequences. Accompanied by a brilliant soundtrack (courtesy of Hans Zimmer and John Powell) this film is worth a watch if you haven't seen it already.

Natalia W (fr) wrote: I thought this was pure campy entertainment. The actors are fun to watch, especially Ben Begley who plays Deputy Doyle, plus there's a good amount of gore. Definitely more charismatic than some big time horror releases. I would totally watch this again and even add it to my Halloween movie list.