A giant monster sends a town's citizens into a panic, except for a girl named Yuki and her schoolmate Tetsu. Tetsu happens to have his own strange creature named Cenco as a pet. Another boy named Shuu controls the monster threatening the town, and the stage is set for a battle.

A high school boy named Tetsu must protect his transforming pet monster Cenco when a mysterious boy comes to town looking to steal Cenco for his own purposes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew H (ca) wrote: Gritty, solid and well-acted, Blood Father is a simple story well told with a terrific performance by Mel. My only criticism is that at 90 minutes, the film is too short and it wraps up quickly. I would've gone on this hard-boiled father/daughter journey a lot longer. 90 minute films are for family films and animations. Give me a solid 2 + hours when the drama is this good!

Brandon L (fr) wrote: I had no idea who Bettie Page was before watching this movie, but it truly wowed and entertained me. Great watch!

Marc R (ru) wrote: This film grows on me with each viewing, from the transcendent use of George Gershwin's music, to the peerless, twinkly cinematography by Gordon Willis. Allen's usual clash of cynicism and romanticism reached sublime heights in this tough ode to love and loss in his favorite city. Perceptive and poignant, 'Manhattan' understands how the heart-- often so selfish and in need-- wants what it wants, and how often we try to mask this want through uncertainty, pride, pessimism, and our own pointless logic. It understands how we, often knowingly, fight for times that have already passed. It understands how behavior when a relationship fails is more interesting than when it succeeds. Both the opening and closing scenes are sheer perfection.

Alan W (ca) wrote: Revisiting a film many years later can be risky: it can reaffirm your love for it but could also expose yourself to a reassessment that points to one's innocence having been replaced with cynicism. While it is still a joy to watch CE3K, I noticed more how the midsection of the film drags despite its simplistic narrative, Richard Dreyfuss' acting borders on maniacal and his characterisation of Roy Neary feels more grating this time round. His obsession that (comically?) drove his family away seems contrived in order to justify the film's ending and I can't help but think that this could have been better handled and written. Nevertheless, Douglas Trumbull's special effects stood the test of time extremely well (even in the scratchy print we saw) and John Williams' music is as enchanting and awe-inspiring as the first time you've heard it. Having just had his first major success with Jaws, Spielberg was still a young(ish) director but his confidence and flair is already on display here - and also his sentimentality, something that will get more overwhelming in the late 80s/90s. Scenes, now with hindsight, seem to foreshadow his later work: the train station scene is reminiscent of Schindler's List while the alien invasion at the Guiler's house could have been Poltergeist (and yes, I know he didn't direct it but his fingerprints was all over that film he produced); not to mention that this film is practically a rehearsal or a precursor to E.T.. While I can't say CE3K is Spielberg's best film (unfortunately, it wouldn't even make the top 5 for me) but in the age of Independence Day and War of the Worlds, its positive optimism and pioneering originality is undeniable almost 40 years later.

Michael S (es) wrote: It's sort of like watching a spoof on 2001. It's better than I thought it would be that's for sure, and parts of it were actually quite hysterical. The last ten minutes were gold. Sci fi fans will probably dig this one.

Tanya P (ca) wrote: Totally transparent and shabby writing.

Andrew G (it) wrote: The film equivalent to an expansion pack, picking up right where the first left off and offering an hour-and-a-half's worth of suspense and bloodshed for slasher hounds to savor.

Greg G (jp) wrote: Underrated thriller with a serious twist!