Central Station

Central Station

An emotive journey of a former school teacher, who writes letters for illiterate people, and a young boy, whose mother has just died, as they search for the father he never knew.

An emotive journey of a former school teacher, who write letters for illiterate people, and a young boy, whose mother has just died, in search for the father he never knew. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jared B (it) wrote: worst movie ever created discusting bogan voices actually hurt my ears turned it off in minutes what a putrid 90 minutes about the scum of society I dont find it funny at all!!

Matty J (de) wrote: Decent thriller, but nothing special. Need to read Tezuka's graphic novel to get a better informed opinion.

Michael G (ru) wrote: Good movie,different then Eddie murphy previous two movies,number 3 and 4 alright i guest, dr dolittle 1968 doesn't belong in that column,well number 5 is probley the closes one the a complete movie,Wouldn't mind a dr. Dolittle Halloween story for the six one or a Christmas storyline,well,there's other ways a sequel could be made if they add jim carry in the movie.

Pete K (ca) wrote: Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson managed to do something very fun with this movie: they combined several Tintin stories into one and came up with a whole new Tintin story for us to enjoy. I'm sure the movie looks fine on a regular screen, but having seen it on an IMAX screen, I'd probably not want to "downgrade". If you have a real IMAX screen in your area, splurge for the biggest screen in town. It's well worth it.A note to the parents wondering if they can take their children: the Tintin stories were definitely written for boys, but girls will be equally entertained by this movie. There is no bad language, nudity, or graphic violence, but there is gun-fighting, explosions, pirate-swashbuckling, and high-speed chases. Death scenes are done off-camera, but the audience will still be confronted with a body count after the gunfire subsides. Herg was not above killing off characters in his stories, and it may be a plot device that young American children have not been exposed to if their animation "base" is the Disney movie catalog. Nevertheless, the theater was packed with boys and girls as young as 5 on the day I went, with both their parents *and* grandparents in tow, and there was no child outbursts or families shuffling out due to the film's content. I sat next to a young lad who couldn't have been more than 7, and at the end of the movie I turned to him and asked, "So, did you like the movie?" He nodded happily.The animation is AMAZING. It is probably some of the best animation I have seen in a the last 20 years, and Jackson's Weta Digital has gone from being known as just a digital special effects house to a full-on animation studio. The voice actors were all perfect choices as well: Jamie Bell (who replaced Thomas Sangster due to a delay in the project) as Tintin has that soft boyish tone one would expect, while Andy Serkis cements himself as the quintessential Voice Man of the early 21st century. His depiction of Captain Haddock and Sir Francis Haddock (basically the same voice) are so far from the now-familiar Gollum / Smeagol voice that he created for the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy (and will reprise in the upcoming 'Hobbit' movies) that it is both amazing and spot-on at the same time. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost do a fine job as The Thompson Twins, but are not given enough lines to be that impressionable. I'm sure they took the roles because they were huge fans of Tintin growing up, and knew that they would be called upon to do the voice in the sequel. (Yes, there will be a sequel, and quite possible even a third movie - huzzah!) One character that is a wonderful surprise addition is voiced by opera singer Kim Stengel, and her performance is simply glass-shattering. Whether you're a fan of the original stories or you've never heard of the young man with his faithful dog Snowy, be prepared to enjoy this movie!

Logan M (nl) wrote: "Me and You and Everyone We Know" is an amiable study with sensitivity to its characters.

Slee B (jp) wrote: The feature presentation today will be the film Bamboozled starring Damon Wayans in one heck of a Spike Lee Joint. Bamboozled is said to be a satire, but I really did not see it that way. I found Bamboozled to be a dark ironic comedy that taps into characterization, society, media ethics, and racial issues. The film opens up with an introduction to Delacoix (Wayans), a brilliant writer and executi...ve for a television company with an ignorant boss Dunwitty (Michael Rapaport). Vexed by the rejections of his ideas for a television show, Delacoix concocts a scheming plan to go down and take boss with him and end stereotype. His idea is for a television show that will reintroduce the blackface to audience to cause an outcry, but oh boy does this plan backfire. Yes, Bamboozled is very heavy handed, but I actually recommend this film if you have never seen a Spike Lee Joint. I found Wayans's performance to be excellent along with a few cast members, but Paul Mooney was strongest out of the entire supporting cast and dramatic foil. Bamboozled is to be watched with caution. It is a pretty ugly flick.

Tor M (ag) wrote: A fun and enjoyable flick. Ham, cheating, underwear, pigs and tits are keywords and it's a plesant mix.It's off-beat and like few other films. It's pretty messy where everyone is involved in everyone in a way. It develops pretty good, and even if it's never laugh out loud funny, it's a pretty smart and stylish comedy.Surreal, charming and very sexy at the same time, one of the hottest scene I've seen takes place one hour in or so in the film.There are other quite remarkable and absurd scenes here, but I guess I won't give them away. This is one of Bardem's first flicks and Cruz's first full lenght-feature. Their first meeting and one of two films they share screen time.7.5 out of 10 bull balls.

Simon T (de) wrote: This is when the Lethal Weapon series got smug. A thin plot papered over by lazy direction, narcissistic acting (especially the increasingly tiresome Mel Gibson), and a general suspicion that everyone was doing it for the money. Stuart Wilson is a good villain but doesn't have enough to do.

Nicholas G (au) wrote: Most of the movie is set during World War 2 when Germany invaded Holland. While this movie is historically interesting it has too many characters and thus feels disjointed.

Asrinisa R (ag) wrote: simple, down to earth, and oh my.. those boys were sooo cute! i need to watch Vienna Boys Choir soon!!

Sarah L (au) wrote: Great story line, and you can't beat the location. Marilyn is wonderful as the seductive wife.

Private U (es) wrote: If you love Mr Ed you'll love the movies starring Frances as thats right a talking mule, bit dated but hey i still laugh!

Meaghan T (kr) wrote: My favourite Ginger Rogers movie.

Ro G (ca) wrote: Really good funny in a way that makes sense to people who like the TV show

Patricia P (jp) wrote: Just saw SUING THE DEVIL tonight! It was even better than I expected. I thought that Malcolm McDowell gave a dazzling performance. Also, I was deeply moved by this movie, and it made me feel good. The most moving thing about it was the trial. This was because the Devil was supposed to be on trial for his crimes against humanity, but somehow things got twisted around, and our hero was on trial in the courtroom of human opinion. I got a little scared at some parts, especially when McDowell was on the stand. This was because he got a little aggressive and scary. In my opinion, the music score was absolutely spellbinding, and if I can find the soundtrack in the record stores, I'm buying it. It's not all seriousness and fright though, because there are very funny moments in the movie as well! Tom Sizemore had me laughing my head off! There were some really funny quotes! This is a very good courtroom drama. Having said that, I give Suing The Devil 8 out of 10 stars.

Conor G (ca) wrote: A technically beautiful film, great acting, visuals and score. Although the usual frustrating slow pace which Refn is famous for is present, this film's mysterious story lends itself quite well to the style allowing you to ponder the characters fate and One Eyes history. Extremely believable, even if some of the blood splatters are not, the costumes also stood out as looking very real. Great locations and perfectly cast.

May R (fr) wrote: excellent. so glad i stumbled on this one growing up.