Cerro Negro

Cerro Negro

  • Category:Drama
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Dat1Phit
  • Country:Portugal
  • Director:João Salaviza
  • Writer:João Salaviza

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Cerro Negro torrent reviews

Leo L (gb) wrote: Michael Pare was in this movie? Didn't notice him.

Marsk O (de) wrote: Personally, I prefer the first one - Tokyo Raiders...

Raymond J (ca) wrote: Action, Humor, and Romance - what more can you ask?

Matt B (fr) wrote: Even though Ben Stiller overacts WAY too much here, Dodgeball is a gleefully dumb fun comedy to start the summer off with.

Syrine B (it) wrote: How can one put it ? This film's beauty is not in it's qualified aspects of filmography but rather in it's brutal and moving message. I loved it !

bill s (nl) wrote: Good looking all over the place set of genres that jump somewhat unexpectedly from one scene to another but with a scence of fun comedic gore.

Kara J (au) wrote: Not one of his best.

Baurushan J (de) wrote: Probably one of the most underrated Sharon Stone films if not the most. This is my review of Sliver. The story is about a book editor named Carly played by Sharon Stone who moves into a new apartment and meets a few curious neighbours especially Zeke played by William Baldwin who is hiding something from her even though Carly is attracted to Zeke. While Zeke, an obsessive voyeur, watches his tenants from a bank of television screens at his headquarters. But when Carly discovers Zeke's voyeurism, she herself becomes obsessed with the daily lives of her neighbors. Whilst so many critics may hate this movie, for me, this movie was so good. It has strong writing, powerful performances, an intense soundtrack and an ending you never see coming towards till the very last second. Sharon Stone is a sexy badass in this movie and she will get you laid within less than halfway through the movie, trust me. All the other actors including William Baldwin, Tom Berenger and CCH Pounder all give strong performances. Overall, Sliver is an intense, glorious, dramatic, suspenseful, mystery-filled masterpiece. Sliver gets a 9/10.