In the big city a loving young couple Deb and Dom planning to get ready to marry seek guidance from the Catholic Church, which only brings out the true life problems they may encounter with... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Certainty torrent reviews

Ben C (ag) wrote: What was unusual about this second movie is that it picked up where the first left off, which is genius. Unfortunately, I was somewhat disappointed from here on in, as it seems to centre on humans worshipping a cult religion, while robots are free to roam Earth.

Andrew L (de) wrote: Its stupid no doubt about. I laughed both out of actual jokes and poor writing.

Mara O (br) wrote: like a prequel to my sassy girl.. but not. it may make you think that you missed something.

Barry N (gb) wrote: A clever twist on a popular genre.

Amit G (au) wrote: tum dil ki dhadkan mein rehete ho.. rehete ho..

Chantal L (nl) wrote: I found this movie at the dollar store and thought I would give it a chance, considering it does have Jesse "The Body" Ventura in it. But alas, I kinda wish I had my dollar back. Filmed in '91 in Thornbury, Ontario, it hasn't aged to well at all. The film quality is extremely poor, on my copy atleast and well it just plain sucks. Full of bad special effects and lame one liners, there is really nothing that saves this film in the least. I definitely don't recommend it.

Sarah C (us) wrote: Koyaanisqatsi without soundtrack. Visually stunning but really hard to concentrate on.

James B (es) wrote: (Le Bel Antonio) This forgotten 1960 Italian and French treasure directed by Mauro Bolognini, and starring Marcello Mastroianni and Claudia Cardinale, deserves to be rediscovered. Social satire infused with humour, examining its subject without melodrama or sensationalism. Wonderful performances.

Tom S (gb) wrote: The least of Ozu's trilogy starring Setsuko Hara-partly because its plot is so similar to "Late Spring"-but it's still arresting in its dramatic moments, and the heroine's speech about her choice of spouse is thought-provoking.

Four Star F (it) wrote: Starring a wonderful cast including Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan, and Joan Leslie with director Howard Hawks, this is a feel-good film. Alvin C. York (Cooper) lives in a small town in Tennessee where he works hard but also drinks a lot. Over time however he becomes a devout Christian and falls for a girl named Gracie (Leslie). He is hoping to get married and own a piece of bottom farm land. World War I begins and after a great conflict inside of himself, Alvin decides to go fight. While there he proves his valor, helping to capture 132 German soldiers almost single-handed. He returns home a great hero and is reunited with his family and Gracie. Despite being a great war picture, this is also a very nice biography of a simple yet religious man who tried to live his life to the best of his abilities.

Chris S (au) wrote: Delightfully British! With great performances from Angela Lansbury, David Tomlinson, and the children, and with catchy music from the Sherman brothers, this movie is a lot of fun!

Michael D (kr) wrote: Neo-neo-Realism on a grand scale - could be called 'Beneath the Underbelly'.

David B (nl) wrote: It is a group of different sketches of offensive, sexual, racist, and other jokes. Not for the easily offended and will not be to everyone's taste. I mainly liked the Amazing Racist. The rest was just okay.

Tommy H (nl) wrote: Pretty good adventure movie about a bunch of guys on a train escaping from Nazi Germany to Switzerland. The first part takes place in a prison camp. There's a few comical scenes with Sinatra pulling stunts to get his own way. Here you get to see that everyone has a close bond. The prisoners and guards are even a little playful with each other. A big part of the movie they're on the train and the movie gets a little boring, but there's some entertaining dialogue and a few tense moments to keep you interested. If you're looking for action there's not much here until towards the end. More a drama movie than action.