Cha cha cha

Cha cha cha

An accident involving a 16-years old prompts private eye Corso to an investigation that will unearth a deep web of corruption in today's Rome.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   blackmail,   dog,  

A teenage boy dies in what appears to be a traffic accident but Corso believes otherwise. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael S (br) wrote: While it does not have strong experienced cast to hold the story, the performances of all of the young casts surprisingly creates a brand new feeling of which the film supposed to be - as a prequel. It is able to maintain the thrilling, visually stunning effects of setting and local cultures even though it loses a little bit of epic from its predecessor. Overall, director Tsui Hark has once proved that he is one of the huge box office draw with a certified proven film, this time with an added great quality of underwater 3D.

Scottie J (us) wrote: A clever movie with some really funny scenes. Free-spirited unmarried Emily takes a pregnancy test. "A doughnut will form..." if positive. Why don't they call it a "ring" ?? "Could be a touchy subject for some of us." Then Kathy, dressed in sex-kitten babydoll pajamas, tries to interest physicist husband Peter in a little romp. He seems to be getting the idea, making a sandwich as he describes aspects of his work, like atoms "going wild" - but he's really oblivious to her intentions - very cute! Underlying some shenanigans is the premise that committed love can be satisfying and love is based on honesty. Overall, I liked the film.

Alex F (au) wrote: An excess of moral conflicts in an awfully predictable, Oscar winning picture. Although it grasps you in the first couple of minutes, it ends up being the foreign cousin of Macaulay Culkin's "The Good Son"

Benjamin (nl) wrote: Brutal and torturous unimaginable horror. It pisses me off how people can do this to another human being and how the guards dont come to see what all the noise is about so they can stop it. Great performnaces from lead actors though!!

Cesar S (gb) wrote: esta bien chida o no?

Shaun B (ca) wrote: Silly 60's beach movie homage with a touch of murder mixed in.

Ryan S (gb) wrote: Bad, entertaining, but bad. I can only recommend it to people who have been to film school. You might appreciate it a bit more than others because it takes place at a film school.

audrey T (mx) wrote: bah.. une fois c'pas trop pire ! xD

Patrick H (nl) wrote: Pour les anti-syndicalistes primaires, jetez un coup d'oeil ce film trs dur qui permet de voir o en tait la condition des travailleurs avant l'avnement des mchants syndicats.

Olli H (kr) wrote: A movie so weird, it's horribly, disgustingly awful. I don't care if it's based on some semi-famous book or something, I'm really angry that I spent two hours of my life to this peace of s**t.

Kathie H (ca) wrote: This movie is unforgettable! Can somebody really be TOO lucky? This is one of those movies that you will be quoting in your family until the end of time. C'MON POP, I'M SERIOUS! Trust me: just rent this from netflix, then email me through facebook & thank me. It's a crying shame that so few people have seen this. Lainie Kazan is a treat.

Omar H (us) wrote: This movie is one of the best blaxplotation films of all time

Russell H (jp) wrote: not bad, pretty intense. looks more like the 90s than the 80s as far as how they dress and talk.

Brandon S (ca) wrote: Yes, it's racist, generic, cynical, and overly deceptive, but I can't say that I wasn't entertained by the consistently good writing.

Heather M (br) wrote: I will not be watching this one.