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Freya R (au) wrote: Waiting for Godot cleverly disguised as Fawlty Towers. A beautifully shot slow-burner that reminds me of many of my own family holidays. Probably not for everyone, because it is bleak and slow, but in my opinion, beautiful and memorable, and Hiddleston's performance elevates the film.

Adam E (mx) wrote: This is actually better than you would expect with that title. Passing itself off as a teen sex fantasy, Cougars Inc. feels somewhat disjointed in tone, yet rising actor Kyle Gallner is able to keep the proceedings grounded.

ash k (fr) wrote: Da movie is reeeeeeeally i like yea...xD

Brad G (jp) wrote: LOVE me some Lew man...Perfect antidote to conservative jerk-off nonsense. Since right wing *&$% smokers like Dennis Miller tend to be so 'angry' all the time despite their comfortable perch in the world, it's nice to see a liberal who's just as freakin' angry.Leeeeeeeeeeew!!!!!!!!

Denise P (es) wrote: Though Rocket Science offers a rewarding denouement, it isn't enough to save the rest of this plodding, dull, depressing mess, leaving viewers with a rather lifeless underdog story that also shows clear proof that director Jeffrey Blitz doesn't know how to make his quirky characters resonate.

Your Favorite Sin (ca) wrote: This movie was based on Donald Goines book and I loved to see his work come to life in a film. I want to see more of his books do the same.

Kevin R (br) wrote: Don't think for a moment you're not in danger.An undercover reporter begins investigating a potential story about an underground gang that can raise the dead. In the process she comes across a box that unlocks a path to the Hellraisers. When the Hellraisers arrive, they discover something other than themselves are raising the dead and competition is afoot. Can the Hellraisers slow the growth of their enemies and will the human race be caught in the middle of an epic battle?"You opened the box so your soul belongs to me."Rick Bota, director of Hellraiser: Hellseeker, Hellraiser: Hellworld, Love Me, and Happy Face Killer, delivers Hellraiser: Deader. The storyline for this picture is on par with the previous couple films and the violence has been fairly consistent throughout the series. The acting was just okay and the cast includes Doug Bradley, Georgina Rylance, Marc Warren, Paul Rhys, and Kari Wuhrer."Who am I is no concerns of yours."I decided to watch this series off Netflix because I adored the first few films and decided to give the entire series a shot. Unfortunately, after the first couple films the series falls apart. This was not as bad as some of the films, but it is far from a worthwhile addition to the horror genre. I would only recommend seeing this if you're a diehard Hellraiser fan."Neither of us knows when to get off the fucking train."Grade: C-

Ben B (gb) wrote: I felt that the core message was right on. You can definintly tell that it isn't a big budget film and much of the acting needed lots of work. I gave it 4 stars really only due to the core message.

Tim C (ca) wrote: One of my top four funniest movies ever (along with The Jerk, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Noises Off)

Tom H (fr) wrote: nice 80`s horror film. Lane Smith`s eyes creeped me out, he looked evil as hell.

Chris (mx) wrote: White people are jerks.

Gregory W (ru) wrote: big budget high drama!

Gretchen W (ag) wrote: ok so this was a re-watch.. which i originally gave 1/2 a star....i kept seeing pop up on the best movie lists that i looked up. I was young. I watched it was awesome! It really was. It was weird, and thrilling just what i like. it was one those mind-fuck movies that for me had to be watched twice....