Chacha Zindabad

Chacha Zindabad

Colonel father of Renu (Anita Guha) and Judge father of Vinod (Kishore Kumar) are childhood friends; whose fathers used to be friends. Renu loves Indian music and Vinod is highly influenced with the western music. When Colonel and Judge want to extend their friendship to a relationship; Vinod and Renu realize that they do not love each other and plan to make their parents enemies.But when their plan succeeds they realize that they actually love each other and they now have uphill task to revert the damage they have caused. Enters the Contractor (Om Prakash), who wants his son to marry Renu to his fumbling Son (played by Anoop Kumar) for the wealth of the Colonel. Colonel agrees and it adds to the woes of Vinod and Renu. The rest story is would they succeed in uniting their fathers!

Colonel father of Renu (Anita Guha) and Judge father of Vinod (Kishore Kumar) are childhood friends; whose fathers used to be friends... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian Y (es) wrote: Loved this movie when I was 13. " I dare you to cut off your leg" hahahaaa

Anirban M (br) wrote: Not a very good film, it seems that Vidya Balan has done a sensuous role but in case all the sensuousness was in the 15 minutes of DVD that I missed ( because of the poor quality) not much of that sensuousness was seen.There was nothing appealing in the film except for the song "Dill o baccha hai" which I couldn't see thanks to the poor DVD quality

Caleb B (it) wrote: funny, sensible, and well developed!

Cody L (gb) wrote: Predictable and cheesy sure, but it's a great love story for the young and the old. My only complaint is that I didn't feel the chemistry between the two young leads, despite being good on their own.

Steve H (br) wrote: Not as bad as the ratings suggest.....more enjoyable that 'Crouching Tiger' or 'Warlords'.....but very confusing as the characters are all similar apart from the bald general.....He laughs like Mutley (Dick Dastardly's green mutt in the Warner Brothers cartoon 'Catch the Piegoin'!) soz for spelling. Some nice scenes, and nice fast pace keep the interest....great photography and sword fights imagnitive. Downside would be .....The director needs to step back a few steps so that the action is more complete. Too many close ups which miss some of the action! See someone's head sliced off is ok but close up it losses the impact. Worth a watch or two.

Rex L (br) wrote: what a great movie. jun ichikawa - i want to know u more.

Tor M (it) wrote: Left with very mixed impressions with this one. Firstly, this is a film that does not impress on many levels. The acting, the story and the way things are handled. I never feel the characters and I'm not really entertained. Still, when the climax appear, I really like the way things happen and the way the characters react afterwords. Everything seems legit and it takes a turn that I have not seen many times before.The story - the kids doing drugs and other crappy stuff is not that good. "Kids", by the same director, does this part a whole lot better. The music is a plus, or more like a trip down the memory lane for me. I like that. OK, with some really nice touches but also a pretty poor film overall.5.5 out of 10 cool kids.

Thomas B (us) wrote: An initially intriguing idea wasted with mediocre performances and a shoddy script. Full review later.

The A (fr) wrote: Forced, bland, forgettable, etc.

yana m (us) wrote: a love story on the boat!

Graham D (us) wrote: Doesn't quite hold up but by no means a disaster.

keith s (ru) wrote: There was a lot I liked about this movie, especially the first half. But the second half just falls apart.

Nessa J (kr) wrote: Another great collaboration between William Wyler and Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn and O'Toole have incredible chemistry together (finally Audrey has a leading man close to her age!)

Robert B (es) wrote: One of Autry's more serious good guy action films. I don' even remember him singing in it. It's also unusual for it's day as it carries an enviromental message on protecting forests and resources from depletion. The staging and the acting are done well. If your a non- singing Autry fan you'll enjoy this.

Chus v (au) wrote: the film is a classic, but as a film, while it was innovative at the time, is overrated in most aspects. A couple of scenes, specially the cheering crowds, and the use of Rick Moranis' character half of the time, are cringe-worthy, as some of the moments by the arrogant Bill Murray character, which after 32 years, I still don't get why is the most beloved character of the series... it's completely unlikeable by any standards.

Nicola W (au) wrote: This was good, I quite liked the plot, however the acting made it a kids film. I know it is a kids film but it was made for kids only I think. The Lightening Thief was better imo.

Rendan L (de) wrote: A beautifully animated, blisteringly paced, and incredibly fun debut into animation for VerbinskiiGrade: B+

Dale C (de) wrote: one of those movies where you cringe at embarrassment for someone. good movie.