Chain Letter

Chain Letter

A maniac murders teens when they refuse to forward chain mail.

A maniac murders teens when they refuse to forward chain mail. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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(ru) wrote: This movie is rather clichd and has scenes and characters reminiscent of other major Scandi crime pieces: the Killing, Wallander, Borgen. As is so often the case, the victim is an attractive female who has to suffer: this is becoming nasty and uninteresting. The crime is implausible. The interiors of the police station look improbably grotty. The film is fairly predictable, even the little jokes. If you are looking for more Scandi crime, and don't insist on originality or subtlety, then this will fill in the time for you, and it looks like it will be the first episode in a series.

Eliabeth R (ca) wrote: Linda pelcula argentina con el cantante drexler como protagonista y la verdad acta muy bien, pelcula romntica que se puede ver

Phil H (ca) wrote: This is THE documentary film any Star Wars fan would want to watch if they have ever pondered whether the big George Lucas has been correct in his tinkering. Its not just the constant fiddling that is questioned though, the much talked about prequels are also questioned along with the way the big GL has changed as his fame and fortune has grown since 1977.To put it bluntly this documentary is brilliant stuff and NOT just a GL bashing exercise for fanboys I must stress. This is a very well made argument against the big GL for his tinkering and decisions that are covered by fans from all other the world. Not only fans I might add but big name stars such as Simon Pegg and director Francis Ford Coppola along with others from the media and effects world, all add their views. Even the last [i]Indiana Jones[/i] fiasco gets a once over as fans despaired from the mighty fedora wearing hero's humiliation.From watching this film you do see (with much video evidence) that Lucas has indeed changed. A man who was once proud to fight the establishment has now become the establishment. A massive money making machine with yes men/women at his beck and call and no other input but his own. Its a shame to see but very evident that the story of how Anakin became corrupted by the dark side in the Star Wars franchise is in fact the story of Lucas. Lucas became a dark lord as did Anakin and some say that the success of Star Wars destroyed Lucas as a film maker.This documentary is extremely interesting it must be said. You do discover many gems of information such as a letter from the PR department of LucasFilm stating that the original negatives of the classic trilogy were permanently altered when the SE editions were made!! Also ironically we find that Lucas himself testified before US Congress against the colourization of black and white films back in 88, stating that it would be even easier in the future for old negatives to be replaced by new versions. It would be a great loss and that history must not be rewritten! Jesus the hypocrisy.The main controversy of this film is the SE editions and why Lucas continues to play with his films when there's nothing wrong with them in the first place. The arguments are strong and could go on forever but it has to be said that at the end of the day the films belong to history now. The reason why Lucas wants to change the films is obviously because he is a different man from way back in 77. Of course he wants to change it, any director could change their old films when they look back on them because people change and look at things differently in time and with age. But in general people don't do that (hopefully) because they are products of their time, a moment in history that should not be altered. It would be very easy to spruce up old out of date movies and make them all flashy with modern effects (CGI), but of course then it wouldn't be the same original movie. Gary Kutz (Star Wars producer) points out that the films work because of their limitations, the lack of money, the use of basic effects and lack of high-tech gadgetry. These are all reasons why the original movies were so great and innovative, especially for the era. People had to be inventive and use their skills, the same could be said for so many classic films across all genres but you wouldn't dare go back and crowbar in CGI bits or replace whole sections or peoples performances. I think GL forgets about all the folk that made his dreams a reality when he hacks away. He created the idea, the story, but he didn't create all the effects, models, sets, costumes, weapons etc...There were many many people who contributed a lot of skill and hard work to create Lucas' vision.This is the main crux of the documentary and its very very well presented with lots of footage from the movies along with homages...not needless bashing. The originals have been released on DVD of course back in 06 but they were very poor copies plopped onto DVD with no love or attention. We still await good cleaned up versions like Ridley Scott did for 'Blade Runner' or Spielberg with 'E.T.' or even Gilliam with 'Brazil'. Of course there are plenty of Star Wars fans that voice their opinions which some won't agree with, its an argument that both sides will never feel satisfied with but at the end of day everyone still just about respects and loves Lucas for his visual opus. They just wish he would leave it be.

Jack M (ru) wrote: it uses its funniness to overcome its flaws and makes a sequel that is even better than the first one

Diggity H (nl) wrote: Not great, but very good. Maybe it helps that I know a man a lot like Eastwood's character, so it was interesting to see a man like that soften up, even if it was just a little. Enjoyed the story even if it wasn't anything groundbreaking. For the most part the acting was good, a few moments here and there that lines were delivered in a tone that didn't fit the tone of the moment. Still, really enjoyed it overall.

j m (br) wrote: Everybody is bashing Blake Lively. Well, you know what? I like her and this is a beautiful film. The actors give wonderful performances.

Katie K (ru) wrote: loved it, even though it was kinda weird...

Alex W (fr) wrote: Really interesting premise with so much potential that wasn't executed well. This film for me joins a short list of movies where if it were re edited well it might be amazing. This is kind of like a long episode of the twilight zone, there are also a few episodes of "black mirror" that are very similar to this.

Lanky Man P (it) wrote: What a great fun sci-fi thriller. It had to be terrifying back in its time.

Tyler S (gb) wrote: Not being a big Samberg fan, I was willing to give this movie a shot. Look there are silly movies out there I enjoy. Movies that are just plain ridiculous, but get by due to it being so funny, and having endless moments of charm. This movie is plain ridiculous, but isn't that funny. A comedy that makes me laugh out loud when I watch it by myself is the definition of a funny movie. I found myself more annoyed than anything with the lead character as the movie went on. Very few funny moments in this silly film.

gustavmarkovic31 (nl) wrote: this movie is way too distracted by sexual antics and the smart/dumb partners which is a theme used in too many movies these days. martin lawrence is, as usual, irritating and makes the whole movie unbelievable. steve zahn seems meatier than in some of his other movies which makes him look more like a cop than any other actor ive ever seen, but doesn't seem to pull it off as acting like a cop. the film often travels in seemingly unessecary directions, and is often very misleading. it could be said that the film isn't on autopilot the whole time, but thats a big call, with plently of evidence against it.