Chain Letters

Chain Letters

The story involves nine upwardly mobile Manhattanites, all of whom receive a chain letter. Depending on their decision to either pass the letter on or to break the chain, the various characters encounter romance, fulfillment--and sudden death.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

The story involves nine upwardly mobile Manhattanites, all of whom receive a chain letter. Depending on their decision to either pass the letter on or to break the chain, the various characters encounter romance, fulfillment--and sudden death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Troy K (es) wrote: 4/5 Wow! In the beginning, it was looking like it was going to be super cheesy...wrong. Excellent movie. Saw it a second time, but this time on the big screen...even better than I remembered it. Definitely a director to watch and look for his older films.

Dilip S (de) wrote: Definitely a lot better than the average horror film and particularly vampire film these days, but not as deep as it thinks it is or tries to be. Great acting, scary creature effects and solid cinematography made this an enjoyable watch, but it ends up tackling the same run-of-the-mill post-apocalyptic themes without adding anything new. Characters could have been fleshed out a lot more, but the story was fine at least. There are only so many times a somber voiceover coupled with sad music over a desolate wasteland can be effective. Worth a watch though because it tried to be beyond a simple creature feature. Gotta respect the effort because this is a horror film with a lot of dignity.

Peter W (gb) wrote: It's a great doc on the subject matter there's a wealth of film history in this.

Jason J (jp) wrote: Set during the early 1930's as Japan started on it's path towards war and conquering other nations. After the death of their master, 3 karate pupils set off on different paths with their life - one called Taikan goes against the words of his late master and aligns himself with the military as they take over karate dojos around the country in order to fight and prove himself to other dojo masters. The other Choei must tag along with Taikan due to an injured arm whilst the youngest and naive Giryu though seen as weak by Taikan sticks by the teachings of his master and leads a simple life with a poor farmer and his 2 kids after being injured after a fight until the military sticks their nose into his business. Fate decides that Taikan and Giryu must clash with each other - the winner gets the prized black belt of their late master.Those expecting an all-out martial arts fight fest will be disappointed as this is a character driven movie which has some action scenes but not too much. The story, the acting, the movie itself could stand on it's own without any fights. The scenery is nice, the drama, the characters are well built, the directing is very simple, yet powerful, honest. What's great is that none of the fights in this movie have any CGI or wire work. It's proper karate, no OTT fancy scraps here. Fine if you're admirer of karate but perhaps boring to those expecting something akin to Jackie Chan or Jet Li action. The 3 leads are actual karate masters in Japan so the fights are realistic.I thoroughly enjoyed Black Belt and I feel there are lessons of life to be learned whilst watching and you can come away feeling very satisfied that your time was well spent. Recommended.

James D (ag) wrote: I own it, so I might as well see it once.

Robyn (gb) wrote: Remember Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins from The Blue Lagoon well, sadly, they died at sea. But happily their baby boy was saved. trouble is, the boat that rescues him has the plague so, he is set adrift again, this time in the company of a widow and her daughter. They end up stranded on the same island, where the widow raises them, dies and they grow up beautifully as Milla Jovovich and Brian Krause. The two teenagers have to fend for themselves and are soon drooling for each other too...

Dayan W (ru) wrote: This movie is just bad. It's funny though. A typical 80's slasher, just a lot worse. It's about a human buffet. And there is a character named Vitamin C.So bad, it hasn't even been released on DVD.#50 it is.

Gregory W (au) wrote: good stuff amazing cast

Brett C (mx) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:Before seeing Fear and Desire, I thought Stanley Kubrick was a flawless filmmaker, with every film coming off as valuable and immaculately directed. My ridiculous expectation for the director may prove a factor in why I dislike this film so much, especially more during my first viewing which was half the score I give it now, but thankfully it has slightly grown on me with a second viewing, showing a bit more understanding towards his intentions with the story. Though many of the film's flaws that plagued my initial experience are still present in this recent viewing, and I doubt my feelings towards that would change.Fear and Desire explores the familiar idea of war stripping away our ability to be logical and instead becomes enticed and swallowed by our primitive desires. It is a psychological subject that I am always willing to sit through as there is something inherently interesting about the human condition within the most horrifying places. Here we have four soldiers stuck behind enemy lines and they must find a way to escape, to be free from danger and to be back in a familiar place and way of life. As their stay in this territory becomes longer, they start to lose a part of themselves and some eventually reaching boiling point, completely breaking down that hard barrier that protects our sanity.It is Kubrick's amateurish execution that prevents the film from being deep. We can see these characters suffering but he displays it in such a way that rarely ever breaks through our skin, I was constantly aware that I am a spectator of their journey rather than a companion. It also shows Kubrick attempting to use his skills as a still photographer through its cinematography but sadly it feels overly forced, with ridiculously tight close-ups that covey very little. It also does not help that the film was edited in a way that does not pay too much attention for continuity, constantly taking me aback from the story.There was never a sense of danger depicted on screen, even during moments where violence and sexual tension is openly displayed. It is due to Kubrick not being able to confidently show these scenes in the way he wants it to be shown, the moral and ethical restriction during that time in Hollywood may have prevented him from achieving that but it also could be the fact that his inexperience and lack of confidence have resorted him in fast and erratic cutting. The director thankfully proves to us later in his career that he has a wonderful imagination for violence and how it could be conveyed with depth and intelligence; A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket, Paths of Glory, and The Shining are primary examples of that.The film's musical score, composed by Gerald Fried, was at times so overbearing that it constantly distracted me from what was being shown on screen. It tries so hard to create tension, but since the friction depicted on screen is more internal than external, then the score should be more subtle and quietly frightening rather than being explosive and bombastic.To top it all off, the acting in this film ranged from mediocre to atrocious, with Paul Mazursky being so frustrating with his over the top movements and facial expressions. It was like as if Kubrick had too many things going on as a director, that acting was the last aspect of production he focused on.Fear and Desire is a complicated film that would have best suited the director if handled with more experience and awareness. If the director started off with a project that was smaller and less ambitious then he wouldn't have been so disappointed with final result, and he probably wouldn't have locked it away from the public for such a long period of time.

Sheridan P (au) wrote: If this had subtitles, or I spoke Spanish, I may have enjoyed it more. I didn't like how all the horses kept dying, but apart from that, there was a nice take on Butch Cassidy, and gorgeous Bolivian scenery and locals :)

Michelle C (ru) wrote: Anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely love magic. This movie had such great promise, and it almost delivered on that promise until the end. Themes of belief, bullying, burnout, and being a better person were woven through a critique and comparison of big stage "magic," comedy magic, and classic closeup magic tricks. Carey's parody of Chris Angel is spot on, but their "jokes" about Sigfried & Roy being attacked by their tigers was just in bad taste. However, the end of the movie killed this movie for me. Their final "trick" was ridiculous, ludicrous, and maddening. It took 1.5 stars away from my review!