Chain of Souls

Chain of Souls

Horror - Kyla Travis has come to Hollywood to become an actress. She finds herself auditioning in a rundown theater for producer Carl Reese. Reese is not looking for actors; he has something far more deadly in mind. - Denise Gossett, Suzanne Sheikh, Joe Decker

When a naive aspiring actress from Podunk, Texas disappears in Los Angeles, her protective sister comes looking for her. The clues lead her to a diabolical cult masquerading as a theater group and the fight of her life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cylus O (de) wrote: Innuendos and charm are the words that best describe this show.

Jalol N (es) wrote: for Marie-France Lambert

Tasos L (us) wrote: inspiration at all..!! totally inferior to the rest of King's movies..!!!!

Tyler P (au) wrote: Excellent premier film d'Albert Dupontel qui tourne une histoire bien trash et bien dejantee autour de son personnage de ses sketchs. Audacieux.

Rob K (ru) wrote: I love this moive its my Favorite movie out of them all!!!

Steve L (es) wrote: so bad, it's fun to watch! Perfect for a bad movie party!

Amanda B (de) wrote: Seriously don't know why, but I can never get enough of this movie!!!!

Hans J E (ru) wrote: A documentory by Russ Meyer showing an awful lot of tits of good looking go-go dancers from that time. The tits are great, of course, but the movie itself isn't anything to go all nuts over.

Danny S (it) wrote: Cinematography looks pretty cool.

Brian S (au) wrote: I do have to say that for a minuscule $15,000, it's impressive, but still, there are a lot of super boring and long scenes in this movie and the shaky camera will fucking give you head pains. The scares, especially during the last 5 minutes, are indeed disturbing, and the acting is very believable. Overall, it's alright, but it's not a great move either, it's just okay.

Michael M (ca) wrote: Bloody good fun and likely a movie not many have seen. If you liked the Revenant and/or cannibals you should probably check this out. Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle are both great actors.

Andy F (br) wrote: Entertaining 50's horror/sci fi shocker which has plenty of thrills, spills and excitement. Its influence on programmes like Doctor Who is obvious. Let down by an unconvincing lead and perhaps a little overrated in the history of sci fi and horror movies.

Alex H (gb) wrote: Possibly one of the worst movies ever made. Enough said. You would think that with the title "ninja cheerleaders" you would get some cheap laughs, but you can't even get past the terrible acting.