A family drama involving a wife torn between her husband and her criminal ex-lover

A family drama involving a wife torn between her husband and her criminal ex-lover . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pete W (us) wrote: what a miss spent youth i had, cant believe it has taken until iam 52 to discover just how good Led Zep are, top qualiity

Jarrett M (es) wrote: A Little Bit Zombie is a horror comedy that is more comedy than horror, but if you like some zombie in your film this is well worth a look. The story is quite unique in the genre, being one of the rare films that tells the story from the perspective of the main character who is turning into one of the walking undead and how he tries to cope with it. To top it off, he is a week away from his wedding day and his fiance is less than easy going. While I did feel that the film had a bit of a shakey start, it does find it's stride and provides plenty of chuckles along the way. The film has a quirky sense of humour about itself and the cast does a good job of maintaining that slightly off beat feeling. In all, a fun and entertaining film that has a shakey start, but recovers nicely and will provide some laughs and maybe even a few surprises. Grab some Tactical Bacon and check this one out. Well worth it.

Jeffrey N (it) wrote: Considering I'm not a Barbara Streisand fan AT ALL, I was hesitant about seeing this movie. Thanks to JetBlue, I got to see it for free. Fortunately, I wasn't just a captured audience. The chemistry between Babs and Seth Rogen was very natural. In what I thought would be a goofy comedy ended up being an adorable, heart-warming romp with mother and son where lessons were learned by both and wonderful memories were made. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it.

Nate H (kr) wrote: Bangn music, terrible movie.

Saffron S (mx) wrote: Read and fell head over heels in love with the book, waited three years for the movie to be released and ---- found that it had been hacked to death to the point of being beyond recognition. I know the un-hacked version screened at the Venice Film Festival ... once. *pouts* Wish I had been there to see it. Asia does a fantastic job as always -- this was the first major entry from her early-twenties "sex bomb" phase. Rupert Everett is great. JRM doesn't have much to work with (or rather, they left little of his juicy stuff in), Jared Harris is left with little to do. BUT because its a Michael Radford movie, the cinematography is drop dead gorgeous so half the time you don't even realize you're watching the corpse of a decent film twitch for 90 minutes.

Sarah R (ca) wrote: cute and funny! I actually laughed, and said "aww" in the same movie. It WAS kinda predictable, a leetle bit.

Aaron G (de) wrote: This is not, in any way, based on a true story. But it's still a damn good movie.

James C (nl) wrote: Hellbound is also a must see in this franchise, other than the first film of course. This film is crucial in the sense that the audience now ventures into the "nether region of experience" and sees what it looks and feels like. Improvements from the first film include a faster storyline where we don't have to wait until the end to see Pinhead and his Cenobite friends. The film score is a greater representation of the hellish world and for once, it makes sense. In relation to the franchise, this is one of the go-to films.

Henry Hull H (ca) wrote: It was ok but the lame humor killed it. Thank goodness for Reeves perfomance as Superman.

pitchoune (it) wrote: If only the creature didn't look so godawfully stupid!

Jason S (br) wrote: Currently #2 on my list of my 5 favorite films. Everything about it is perfect and dead on beautiful.

Sara E (ru) wrote: Good cast wasted on a boring melodrama.

Neil R (au) wrote: Efficient, moving, outrage-inducing snapshot of police violence on black youth in America.

Cody C (br) wrote: The same thing happens to me with all Larry Cohen movies, where I'm really into them for like the first half hour and then my interest drops crazy hard. Worth watching to see glimpses of NYC in the early 80s (especially chinatown!) but in general it's just not much.

Nikki P (es) wrote: The plot twists are thoughtful and it has a European minimalist sensibility to it, which might not work in the U.S. Americans don't like not knowing why people do what they do. Its lack of psychological explaining might seem unfinished to and American audience raised to dislike subtlety...I however found it just enough and more would've taken something away to the mystery of the story. At first I thought the casting was strange but as it turned out, it was spot on to the characters, even the minor supporting ones, which made the "acting" almost nonexistent...and a refreshing change that someone wasn't squeezed into a role that would have difficulty pulling off.

Charlie S (ca) wrote: Probably the most meta, unsubtle, and hilarious but equally terrible satire I've ever seen. But maybe that was the point?

Panayiota K (it) wrote: Nostalgic- but with recent references-, a bit cheesy, hilarious and interesting. I miss Duncan though and maybe Logan's 90's necklaces!

Jake A (au) wrote: Not only is this movie boring but it is entirely predictable, has one too many stupid moments in it, only a couple of decent actors make an appearance and despite the fact the rescue mission has been a complete failure it tries to go for the typical happy ending that Hollywood loves so much. Only good points are the action, it looks great and has a few thrills.

Aida D (it) wrote: Never saw it before.....just curious....