Chains of Gold

Chains of Gold

Scott Barnes (Travolta) is an alcoholic turned social worker hellbent on saving a young boy named Tommy (Lawrence) from self-destructing when he finds out he has begun selling crack in an organization called YIP, run by Carlos (Bratt).

Scott Barnes (Travolta) is an alcoholic turned social worker hellbent on saving a young boy named Tommy (Lawrence) from self-destructing when he finds out he has begun selling crack in an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Giovanni M (ru) wrote: The epitome of a lazy, uneven, bad teen comedies.

Andrejs P (kr) wrote: a movie telling what truly happened in the roman polanski. a lot of the information i had no idea about and makes you realize roman wasnt the only criminal involved in the case.....

Taylor M (es) wrote: Interesting and different way of telling a story. But it does fall flat.

Alexandria D (us) wrote: Lame and not interesting whatsoever. B rated movie with bad acting.

Michael L (es) wrote: Dear God and I thought one JCVD was enough.

Angela B (ca) wrote: I only started to like the book when i finished it... the movie was a little bit easier to tolerate... marginally

Sam M (es) wrote: Pretty interesting but of course the visuals and technology may turn off some people.

Matt M (es) wrote: A gambler is brought to a Mexican resort and is part of a deported gangster's plans to re-enter the United States. The film has a great atmosphere filled with eeriness and sexual tension. However, the slow pace is not as impressive and sucks a lot of the energy out of the story.

Paul A (jp) wrote: really cheap dumb horror movie went over the top on trying to scare and failed miserably plus the storyline sucked

Steve S (ca) wrote: Sensational and satisfying film that won Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Academy Awards for their original screenplay. Robin Williams also picked up a statue for his supporting turn. Everyone is in top form in this film that is one of the best films of 1997.

Andy G (fr) wrote: Ice soldiers is a cheap version of the thing mixed with Universal Soldier. Dominic Purcell is OK on this. C (2013)

Andrew B (fr) wrote: So stupid but so fun.

Gregory M (gb) wrote: This movie had so much potential but the way it was delivered actually ruined everything. The plot was what ruined the whole movie,it could have been much more profound, but in the end it was reduced in sheer action and nothing more. There was an epic-scale failure in the last half where it revealed what it really stands for. The dialogue was really poor. The actions scenes were nothing but cliches of the genre. I'm completely disappointed.

Mike B (de) wrote: 1.5/5 stars. The fact that I am a screenwriter and this movie exists makes me ashamed to be alive. NOTHING here is funny. *The dialogue is affected and epically bad. A single line that wasn't funny the first time it was uttered is repeated EIGHT MORE TIMES IN SUCCESSION. EIGHT times in a row. EIGHT more times, it gets said. That's EIGHT times, in case you missed it. Once again, the same line is said EIGHT times. EIGHT, in case you were counting. It's hard to believe that they said the same line another EIGHT times. EIGHT times saying the same thing. Just like that, except every time, IT WAS IDENTICAL. Mindbendingly AWFUL and incredibly irritating. *My wife and I kept looking at each other in disbelief. They repeatedly broke the fourth wall with poor effect. The entire film is a series of flashbacks. The entire cast is wasted. The story is so shallow you'll be hard put to find it.*I don't want to continue because I'm angry I wasted part of my life watching this thing. Please don't watch this film. PLEASE. Please don't. Don't, please. I'm asking that you not watch this film, please. Please don't do it. I am asking, please. PLEASE. Please, do not watch this film.

Urban M (au) wrote: V/H/S is a mess - from the outstanding "Amateur Night" to the atrocious "Second Honeymoon" and "Tape 56", from creative ideas to stale executions, from complex layering of fear to failing at even creating one, from believable uses of found-footage to pointless ones, nothing in V/H/S is consistent. It's an anthology film that has no reason to be that, it's just a collection of short films made by people with vastly diverging degrees of talent. Honestly, just watch "Amateur Night" and "10/31/98" on YouTube and you'll get more enjoyment out of it.