Amma (Smita Patil) is a woman who has been raped and then forced to flee her home with her husband and child after her husband kills the rapist. Her life plunges even lower in the overwhelming and crowded city when her husband, in turn, is killed by smugglers. Left alone to fend for herself and her little boy, she desperately tries to instill moral values in her son in spite of the immorality of life all around them. She is indirectly aided in this effort by a dubious hero-type, but there does not seem to be much hope for her future and that of her son.

Amma lives in Bijapur with her husband and son, Benwa. When a man attempts to sexually molest her, he is killed by her husband, the trio flee, but the husband is shot dead by the police. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim F (it) wrote: A tale about a huge government injustice. The longer it went on the more injustices opened up to the viewer. Very moving

Zoran S (ag) wrote: This is Bela Tarr's long awaited follow up to his masterpiece Werckmeister Harmonies from 2000. (Not including the short film he made for the 2004 omnibus film Visions of Europe.) I would need to view it a few more times to see where it stands in relation to the rest of his work or to really say too much about it. Though not sourced from a Lszl Krasznahorkai novel like the three previous films, Krasznahorkai did help adapt the screenplay from a Georges Simenon novel. Moreover, the visual style remains the same: in other words, lush black and white photography mixed with impressive long-takes and camera movements. The story, though, is much less sophisticated than Satantango or Werckmeister Harmonies. To some extent, it reminded me more of Almanac of Fall or Damnation with its concerns about personal betrayals, and how greed inflects too much of human behavior. Still, some images from the film do rank amongst Tarr's best: a simple camera dolly from people playing chess to a withered old man eating in extended close-up, not to mention a drunken dance involving a chair and pool cue.

Janaki C (fr) wrote: What an amazing directorial debut form Karen Moncrieff. Agnes Bruckner gives a phenomenal performance as does David Strathairn. The story is simple but at the same time filled with incredible nuances and depth. After watching this film and "The Dead Girl" I am a Moncrieff fan for life. Wow.The subject matter is extremely dark so beware!

Charles M (gb) wrote: Watched it when I was just a kid. It was very enjoyable, especially since the shark and snake movies were getting popular at the time.

Nathaniel B (gb) wrote: Absolutely loved it. Best writing I have heard in such a long time. Unreasonably entertaining.

Collin P (kr) wrote: A fun '50s musical with some laughs and a classic story.

Ken S (mx) wrote: Errol Flynn and Ronald Reagan star in a light hearted mix between the Dirty Dozen and Commando.

Michael C (ca) wrote: Lost half a STAR for the Ewoks

i C (it) wrote: 7/10back then it was great