Shravan enrols himself in the University of Banaras as per his father's wishes. Being a man of principles, he soon finds himself amidst the fight against the corruption prevalent in the university.

1.0 Your rating: -/10 Ratings: 1.0/10 from 11 users Reviews: write review | 3 critic Directors: Dharam Prakash, Shakur Sir Writers: Dharam Prakash, Arsh Rana Stars: Abishek Anand, Zakir Hussain, Darshan Jariwala | See full cast and crew . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Chakradhaar torrent reviews

Gimly M (kr) wrote: Sci-fi lo-fi. Odd but endearing and a good showcase for Aubrey Plaza.

Cody L (fr) wrote: Extremely underrated. It had an interesting story, Lindsay did a great job, and it was amazingly filmed.

Kloe K (it) wrote: This was a pretty good movie, not great, but since it stars Ziyi...

Sierra H (au) wrote: So... I don't really want to be in the military anymore. This is as real as it gets.

Gordon I (ag) wrote: Believe it or not, after a while this film gets inexplicably funny.

Charles Austin M (gb) wrote: A mesmerizing, surreal, stylish film. To quote Ava Gardner's titlecharacter, Pandora Reynolds, this movie is "like we're under a spell,outside of time..." Indeed, Albert Lewin (like most Hollywoodproducer/directors of the day) seemed to be deeply under the spell of AvaGardner. Lewin gave Gardner countless non-speaking beauty shots andclose-ups in this film for no other reason than to showcase her pronouncedhour-glass figure and radiant features in a seemingly endless procession ofeye-popping costumes. Simply beautiful to watch.

Aaron G (gb) wrote: An easy-to digest well-cast romance.

Andrew L (nl) wrote: Gene Hackman plays a bitter version of his role from 'The Conversation'. In fact this is almost a re-make of 'the Conversation' but faster paced and with action sequences. Enjoyable enough

Dinesh P (au) wrote: nice film humor of Thomas haden keeps the film going along with the drama. a well balanced drama with humor. A nice film to watch.

Em K (ag) wrote: Hilarious for all the wrong reasons!!

Mel H (ca) wrote: Started out like it might be okay or good, but second half was awful. Nothing made sense. Most viewers will be left frustrated and annoyed.