On the request of his friend Kabir, SP Adil Sends him to the Naxal group as an informer. When Kabir finds the truth he becomes one of their gang leader.

On the request of his friend Kabir, SP Adil Sends him to the Naxal group as an informer. When Kabir finds the truth he becomes one of their gang leader. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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F B (it) wrote: An interesting approach to this documentary with some interesting and dubious views. At first I thought it was pro drugs but by the end of it I feel it was not really about being a drug dealer but more about a flawed policy in the battle against drugs.

Alexander C (it) wrote: DAY NIGHT DAY NIGHT oh sod off!

Bret G (br) wrote: Characteristically lively direction makes Darkman a winner-even Raimi's missteps prove entertaining in this stylish, if familiar, superhero thriller. Rent it.

Braden A (de) wrote: [b]Short Night of Glass Dolls[/b]A horribly disappointing film, and I still can't figure out why it is considered to be giallo, as it has absolutely no elements of genre, other than the fact that it's Italian.Terrible acting, a horrible and out-of-left-field (in a bad way) ending. However, I will say that the concept of a dead man who is not really dead recalling what happened to him to get him there is interesting.3.5[b]Destroy all Monsters[/b]This is just such a fun, ridiculously brilliant film. The giant monster battle royale at the end is flipping awesome, and thedialogue throughout the movie is astonishing.Nothing can be more entertaining than watching grown men in rubber suits have wrestling matches on miniature models of cities.I wish I lived in Monster Land.7.5[b]The Exorcist III[/b]This is an incredibly well made horror film, and a very worthy sequel to the original horror classic.George C. Scott is brilliant, as is the rest of the cast. Genuinely creepy, with some moments of real terror.I really love this movie and it deserves more recognition.8[b]Napoleon Dynamite[/b]I still think this movie is hilarious...I was worried that I had already "grown out of it"...that it was kind of a time capsule of the end of my high school life and a period in time when I had a great group of friends. But I still think it is very, very funny.It also has some surprisingly great camerawork.8[b]Dagon[/b]While many H.P. Lovecraft fans are not fans of Stuart Gordon's work, I have yet to be disappointed. I really like Ezra Godden, and he is a great addition to Gordon's modern reworkings of the Lovecraft mythos.While the CGI is piss-poor, luckily there is very little used. The gore is fantastic, as are the costumes and make-up. And it's a great rendition of Lovecraft on the screen.7.5[b]The Bourne Supremacy[/b]I haven't watched the first film in a long time, so I don't know if I still enjoy this one better, but it is still a rollicking great time.I will be the first to admit I am not a huge Matt Damon fan, but these films really show that he's much more than Ben Affleck's friend.A great action film, with great performances all around. One of hte only detractors is the constant shakey camerawork.8

Michael W (es) wrote: A tomboyish young woman hires a cutthroat Marshal to kill the hired hand who killed her father, insisting to go along for the ride. Decent western features a few future stars in supporting roles and won an Oscar for John Wayne, although his performance does not strike me as particularly noteworthy.

Alexander C (es) wrote: Would like to see sometime!

Tara S (jp) wrote: So funny. And a very clever ghost story for the time.