Chala Murari Hero Banne

Chala Murari Hero Banne

Asrani in a lead role

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James H (it) wrote: 40/100. At least the film makers didn't take things too seriously, but even with that, the low budget can't help but hurt the effect of the film, and the acting is atrocious, especially by the male stars. Very poor sound, the special effects are decent for the budget they had. If you are a fan of Zombie films, you will enjoy more than most.

Robbie T (kr) wrote: Weak plot. Bad acting. The office looks like a low budget TV sitcom setting. And the ending is awful. Can't believe the film is made by the guy who directed Captain America.

Greg F (br) wrote: Coming from Uruguay Gigante is a masterpiece of low-scale artistic cinema. How this slight story about a metal-loving night security guard stalking the girl of his dreams turned out to be my favorite romantic movie of 2009 lies within its refreshing approach artfully implemented with a dead-pan precision and confidence. Gigante's director Adrien Binez uses the voyeuristic tone of the movie not to opress viewers, but to enchant them. The movie happens to be sweet when we watch Jara, a large, quiet soul following Julia, an accident-prone cleaner wherever she goes and whatever she does. It abounds with numerous wonderfully observed scenes that abandon the dialogue almost entirely. My favorite scene involves visiting the cinema where Jara has difficulty deciding which movie has been chosen by his love-interest, a love story or a horror movie about a mutant. Guess which one it was. As regards acting, Horacio Camandule provides a sharp and totally likeable performance, while Leonor Svarcas is convincing even though her part is limited. Overall, Gigante may be too slow-paced for some, but for me it happens to be an endlessly engrossing miracle of a movie. 9/10 (A-)

Jude G (us) wrote: Texas Killing Fields is a suitably grim and atmospheric movie that boasts fine performances and solid direction, but is let down by an uninspiring screenplay filled with one dimentional characters

Rafael T (kr) wrote: Que basura! La peor pelcula que jams he visto y espero ver en mi vida. Lo nico que se salva es el papel de Hugo Silva (asqueroso a ms no poder) que por cierto recuerda un poco a Melendi xD (No merece ni media estrella, merece -5 estrellas)

Michelle C (ru) wrote: OMG~ this is a very enchanting movie. Kim Jae-wook is extremely gorgeous - appealing to both boys & girls. The story is so straight forward that you don't need to use your brain to think about anything - just enjoy the show. Although I have never read the comic, but I think that must be a entertaining one as I really want to read it NOW.

Justin S (mx) wrote: Darkon is a documentary about a large group of people who get together and LARP (Live Action Role Play) with a medieval theme. I went into this movie knowing just basic information about what this means and a somewhat critical view of the people who participate, and after having watched the movie I not only feel informed but also inspired and have a significant amount of respect and envy for the people of Darkon.As far as documentaries go, this is probably one of the best and most engrossing ones I've ever watched. The movie follows around a few of the people in the Darkon community and shows you who they are in real life and who they are in Darkon. The documentary gets into why these people play this game (I use this phrase loosely, it isn't so much a game as it is an alternate reality) and it really becomes eye opening. The movie never really covers the way people might judge these role players (which I think is a good choice), but as a viewer we know it happens. Even mentioning the acronym LARP conjures images in your mind that are often not flattering. But what this documentary effectively shows is that these people are just having a really great time, and it is pretty amazing to get to watch them live out there fantasies collectively. There is this sense of community and a mutual understanding of the rules that isn't so different from the way we all live our normal lives, except it is much more pure in Darkon. People respect one another and even opposing forces really only oppose for the sake of the game. It's pretty crazy watching and learning about all of the different rules that go into this and just how in depth Darkon is. Half of the fun of this movie is getting to experience all this stuff that people have invested their lives into creating. It really is mind blowing if you let yourself get sucked into it. Just a quick disclaimer, my rating for this film is based on how it ranks as a documentary. This is not necessarily my favorite movie of all time but it is an amazing documentary that highlights a lifestyle that many of us are not too familiar with besides the way it is depicted by popular culture (Role Models is probably most peoples entry point into this, or the Avatar LARP on youtube). So if you are not interested in documentaries or the topic this one is discussing, this movie might not be as interesting to you.

Juliano K (mx) wrote: It is too good to miss and too bad to say it is good!

leane e (es) wrote: this movie wasnt bad i liked the characters and the fight scenes were cool but it did have some really slow parts that i felt like fast forwarding

Steve S (fr) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Bill B (mx) wrote: This sequel seemed to lack any of the camaraderie and pace-y feeling of the original movie, settling for hack-y jokes instead, and I was rather let down from start to finish.Pass.

Al M (au) wrote: Like all Jean Rollin films I have seen so far, Requiem for a Vampire attempts to blend tropes from art films with erotic horror, and, as per usual, fails to achieve the desired effect. While the film contains much that is bizarre and some rather compellingly surrealistic moments, ultimately it is just boring. Long periods without dialogue and without sufficiently entrancing images just drag on endlessly.

Alfonso A (jp) wrote: A great film led to the top by Heston's performance even though sometimes cheesy and overly dramatic.

Tamsin P (es) wrote: A really goofy B-Movie, but what makes it stand out from the rest is the fact that Lee Van Cleef, Peter Graves and Beverly Garland are putting their all into it, giving the best performances they possibly can to make up for the fact that the monster is so silly-looking and has bat-shaped parasites that are clearly flying around on strings. The script is really nothing that great, but the performances and Garland's strong, proactive wife are really well worth watching. Also Van Cleef's face.

Ryan O (au) wrote: Such an incredible movie.

Trent C (us) wrote: Even gratuitous amounts of sex and nudity can keep this interesting. It's shot well, but it's definitely not Pasolini's best.