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Eric B (kr) wrote: Some great subtle, dry and very dirty sketches. Gene Wilder's bit is best.

Wouter v (es) wrote: Het zal waarschijnlijk in alle landen voorkomen maar uit deze documentaire blijkt wederom wat er in Amerika allemaal gedaan wordt om maar stoer, groot en onoverwinnelijk te lijken. Hoe mooier van buiten, hoe rotter van binnen,

Erin D (us) wrote: kinda cute, kinda meh. but i love the 2 leading ladies anyway

Max A (de) wrote: Ang Lee manages to convey the connection of these two men without the easy relationship milestones like marriage, kids, buying a house etc. The film focuses on what's most important to these men and does so with such class that the story is just as real and heart wrenching as any other I've seen.

Luke G (ag) wrote: A strait to dvd that should of went to theaters. Van Damme in another dual role but as a psychotic killer and replicant. The plot was well written and the action was thrilling and Van Damme s acting was entertaining!

Wes P (fr) wrote: I hated it the first time I saw it but the more I see it the less it sucks.

Lawrence G (mx) wrote: awesome movie. funny yo

Jon C (au) wrote: not one of Mel Brooks' memorable entries of the spoof genre but still silly in its own wayCary Elwes takes the lead once again like in 'Princess Bride' playing the famous Robin Hood returning from the Crusades in Africa to England only to learn that his home is taken away by Prince Johnhe then assembles a comedic team of allies to start a revolt and win the heart of Lady MarionMel Brooks love poking fun at himself and making tons of fourth-wall in-jokesthey don't always hit a homerun but a good chuckle comes out of what comes alongthe movie meanders just a tad just to be informed but it's fun seeing Brooks play around

Eric B (mx) wrote: With "After the Rehearsal," Ingmar Bergman limits his tools to one minimal set and just three speaking parts. Erland Josephson stars as Bergman alter-ego Henrik, a veteran "difficult" director who's not shy about bullying actors to get what he wants. He's sitting onstage in an empty theater, lost in contemplation, when actress Anna (Lena Olin) enters. The two have an ambivalent relationship mixing attraction and resentment, and soon are drawn into a long discussion about their own bond as well as the general dynamic between a director and his cast. This obviously serves as a platform for Bergman venting many of his personal ideas and frustrations. But Henrik is also the ex-lover of Anna's late mother Rakel (Ingrid Thulin), a volatile actress who drank too much and erratically veered between arrogance and insecurity. As her foibles are debated, the film's middle detours into an extended flashback conversation between she and Henrik. To add a surreal touch, the set never changes and Anna reverts to a silent, pubescent girl. For the third section, Henrik and Anna wrap up their dialogue, climaxing in an electric exchange where they spontaneously imagine future events as if brainstorming a fresh play. "After the Rehearsal"'s stiff construction is bound to alienate many viewers but, with a 70-minute running time, it's not a rigorous test of one's patience. And Josephson and Thulin are magnificent, of course, just as they were in so many earlier Bergman projects.

Orlok W (ca) wrote: Good acting highlights crime caper drama--Steller performances by Steiger, Wallach and Robinson!!

Erick P (kr) wrote: No por nada es la segunda mejor pelcula del cine M (C)xicano. Los temas: muerte, sexualidad, la vida social mexicana (que por desgracia seguimos viviendo) e inlusive el complejo de Edpo. Una pelcula que bien puede ser vista como aquellas pelculas de la dopo guerra del cine italiano, con el gran toque surreal de Luis Buuel y con personajes buensimos.

Ryan W (mx) wrote: ...z......

Brian S (gb) wrote: It's heavy and mood and atmosphere, with also a creepy ghoul story and some of the best special effects of the 80's. And especially, the best gore effects of Britain ever! For a modestly budgeted movie, this is really a well made masterpiece of horror gore, with memorable characters, and vilains too. And the memorable Pinhead, he' definitly an iconic horror movie vilain, but for some reason, never got much attention. Anyways, disturbing and classic horror movie, recommended !!

Sarah L (it) wrote: Hard not to like a movie pumping awesome 70s disco in your brain! :) Myers is excellent.