Challenge to White Fang

Challenge to White Fang

Sequel to Lucio Fulci's first 'White Fang' has the wolf-dog once again trying to stop the villainous Beauty Smith from claiming a recently discovered gold mine in 1899 Yukon, Canada.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:snow,   murder,   dog,  

Sequel to Lucio Fulci's first 'White Fang' has the wolf-dog once again trying to stop the villainous Beauty Smith from claiming a recently discovered gold mine in 1899 Yukon, Canada. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Challenge to White Fang torrent reviews

Racon B (ca) wrote: awful ,i wouldn't even call it a film

Camden N (nl) wrote: Jaume Balaguero manages to make the most out of an admittedly cliched story, but falters with a somewhat ludicrous ending. I was annoyed at first by his tendency to shake the camera during intense moments, but I kind of liked the way he used it in the end, as it felt more purposeful than how most use it. A good exercise for the director, but his next film is much more intense and frightening!

Isura K (gb) wrote: A CREATIVE MOVIE....THEY TEACH US HOW TO CONTINUE THE LIFE PROPERLY......LOVE IS LIKE A DREAM.....RANI MUKHERJEE AND VIVEK OBEROI HAVE DONE A GRAT JOB......OUTSTANDING PERFORMS BY RANI MUKHERJEE..... A really interesting film. Great songs, really interesting visual editing and a really clever mix between two separate timelines. Very good.

XeRgio G (au) wrote: I watched it along with my wife, in German tv, and of course in German some Sunday morning... Silly totally silly.

Matthew S (br) wrote: David Mackenzie seems to have a knack for coming up with some genuinely unique concepts but tends to have hard time translating his ideas into an effective movie. This is a bleak, humorless and and unsatisfying experimental film does manage to build intensity thanks to the talents of both Ewan McGregor and Tilda Swinton. The only reason this film manages to rank this extra half-star is in thanks to their performances that overcome what can only be called a cinematic mistake.

Katran (de) wrote: Kett Turton and Brendan Fletcher were the only good things about this movie, and even their talents were terribly stifled and misdirected. The acting overall was terrible, the dialogue was clunky and laughable ("shortpants"?!), and the music sounded like it didn't know what it was trying to do. It felt rushed and poorly put together. I've seen much better acting from some of the actors involved, so I can only assume that the director and scriptwriters were at fault for this travesty. It was WAY over-simplified and the characters to blatantly stereotyped. This could have and should have been done better.

Stephen H (it) wrote: [FONT=Courier New]Who knew that single movie date could be so important. "Amores Possiveis," otherwise known as "Possible Loves," finds Carlos fifteen years later after being stood up for a movie by Julia. The film proposes three different lives for Carlos stemming from that one pivotal movie date. In the first life, Carlos is financial success stuck in a dull marriage. In the second life, Carlos has left his marriage with Julia, as well as their son, to pursue a gay relationship. And in the third life, Carlos is an immature bachelor living with his mother. In all three cases, Carlos finds himself reunited with Julia. While the concept behind the film may be gimmicky, the intentions to portray the complexities of love are honest. In addition, the acting is marvelously subtle. Murilo Benicio as Carlos and Carolina Ferraz as Julia are completely different characters in each of the three different lives. Not only do they look different, the actors successfully adopt completely different mannerisms. Yet, in essence, the character they play is still the same in the end. On the other hand, the editing is rather sloppy. From shot to shot, there are multiple, rather obvious, errors. The film also suffers from some inconsistencies in the script. In trying to create a new fifteen years in each possible life, explanations simply don't add up right. Then, of course, there is the fact that the film completely ignores some of the other issues that are far too prevalent to be dismissed. Due to this, "Amores Posseveis" really is reduced to fluff viewing. In the end, "Amores Posseveis" is marked with exceptional acting and mediocre storytelling resulting in a comfortable viewing experience.[/FONT]

Greg P (es) wrote: Excellent: romantique drame comdie polar la fois, trs bien jou et merveilleusement film.Un rgal.

Delving E (it) wrote: Two good actors -- Blanchett, overwrought and awkward; and Ribisi, in one of his best pertrayals --are wasted in a dumb plot. At the crux of the plot's problem is a supremely stupid act that Blanchett's character carries out. The illogic of the screenwriters is mind-boggling and turned me off right away. Here it is (spoiler alert): How can Blanchett, who plays a teacher and a smart woman, so badly miscalculate that her bomb will not create collateral damage? From there, the rest of the movie seems ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as the silly ending -- a helicopter as deus ex machina. Can you say ludicrous?

Mohammad Javad H (kr) wrote: Excellent movie...The scenery's spectacular, the story of it is very good.Sean Astin was just a child in the movie but played like professional actor.I love this movie.

Allan C (gb) wrote: My favorite Joe Dante film and one of my all-time favorite comedies. I know this film isn't considered an 80s classic like "Back to the Future" but for whatever reason this is a film that I've always loved. In my video store clerk days, "Innerspace" was one of I always had on high rotation to play during my shifts. The script is by Jeffrey Boam, who had too short of a career but wrote some very good film, and Steven Spielberg produced the film, which is kind of a comic/action take on "The Fantastic Voyage." Dennis Quaid is shrunk down to miniature size so he can be injected into a rabbit, but when bad guys breaking the lab to steal the technology, he get's injected into a hapless Safeway clerk, Martin Short. Quaid established contact with Short through his inner ear and the two then team up to stop by the bad buys and safely get Quaid out of Short. The film is also greatly helped by Meg Ryan, playing Quaid's girlfriend and a plucky reporter working to uncover the story of technological espionage. The script is witty and clever, the characters are likable, the action if exciting, and the cast is especially good. I remembered most of the jokes in the film, but there were a number of them that I'd forgotten and still cracked me up; Martin Short in the doctor's office, Quaid telling Short how to fight or talk to women, Quaid psyching Short up to jump out of a moving truck or (SPOILER ALERT!) the way director Dante shoots the bad guys after they get shrunk to 50% just kills me. Director Dante also gets a lot of credit for creating a real connection between Short and Quaid, who are never actually in the same shot together until the end of the film. And this is movie that made me start a crush on Meg Ryan. I'd seen her in "Top Gun" and "Armed and Dangerous" and liked her there, but this was the film that really gave her the opportunity to show off her cute charm. Besides the main folks involved, you have a strong supporting cast that includes Fiona Lewis, Vernon Wells, Orson Bean, Kathleen Freeman, Joe Flaherty, Andrea Martin, Rance Howard, Chuck Jones and Dante stock company actors Robert Picardo, Wendy Schaal, Henry Gibson, Dick Miller, Kevin McCarthy, NS William Schallert. There's also a find score by Dante's regular composer, the great Jerry Goldsmith. And Rob Bottin provided some of the special effects. Overall, I think this is a classic film that should be better recognized.

Orlok W (gb) wrote: Solid, steady, fascinating, and a little too deliberate!!

Josh S (au) wrote: Really funny movie! One of Sandlers best!

Jonah G (de) wrote: After Temple Of Doom, you can only o up in the series, and it definitely does.