When a young man is killed in Central Park in La Habana, a series of coincidences reveals that many of the night walkers that hang around the park are related to the crime.

When a young man is killed in Central Park in La Habana, a series of coincidences reveals that many of the night walkers that hang around the park are related to the crime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frances H (jp) wrote: Gruesome, but effective variation on Home Alone.

Karl G (es) wrote: Bloody hell this is hard to watch at times, in a good way! Not for the faint hearted.

Roman R (br) wrote: Con "Dias de Gracia", su director Everardo Valerio Gout se anuncia como un talento cuya carrera valdria la pena seguir. Su estilo y las actuaciones que obtiene de su reparto elevan el pobre guion de esta pelcula, que se enfoca en la corrupcin y violencia que acontece dia a dia en la ciudad de Mexico. La cinta utiliza el futbol como metfora de un sistema fallido, informando a sus personajes y utilizando tres mundiales como parte del contexto social. El mensaje es claro pero desafortunadamente ningn personaje se eleva frente a sus tragicos destinos y la pelicula se vuelve predecible. "Dias de Gracia" contiene elementos que hacen que merezca una recomendacin. Pero esperemos que su director elija un mejor guion para su siguiente proyecto.

Ryan C (ca) wrote: there were good stars, but the effects were terrible and acting wasn't that great, overall a let down

k m (us) wrote: in away this is a realistic fairy real people make a dream come..(the convicts accepting the "mustang challenge" what cracked me up the most was hearin mr x-z (x zibit) try and quote the bible..i know its actin but i'm just use to his vocab being a lil more "hardcore" it was a mean movie..

Thomas B (fr) wrote: An uplifting story of self-discovery with some great performances from Joan Allen and Reese Witherspoon. Full review later.

Rebecca L (au) wrote: This anachronistic quasi-musical was most enjoyable. Awesome choreography - both fighting and dance scenes. So much to laugh at and, as usual, a rather simplistic story that doesn't get in the way of all the blood splatter. Through and throught, it was just high-class.

Red L (br) wrote: Brubaker is a prison drama - a little like Shawshank Redemption, but in this one, it is Brubaker that is fighting corruption in prison. It is almost too idealistic, but it is always cool when corruption is stifled.

Elham p (nl) wrote: Brilliant , I'm asking you , was it an autobiography by Kieslowski ?

Michael K (mx) wrote: Luchino Visconti's sumptuous tale of love, betrayal, and deceit. The Criterion DVD has the much shorter english language version of film (The Wanton Countess) as a bonus. Alida Valli is superb.

Nancy T (fr) wrote: My favorite all time movie. I watch it at least once a year.

Eduardo P (it) wrote: El cine de Pudovkin se centra en el individuo que lucha contra las injusticias sociales. Sus guiones estan armados complejamente, como si la edicion fuera anterior a la realizacion. En este film en particular (no he visto La Madre, ni Tempestad en Asia) las actuaciones son soberbias y la crudeza de la miseria en que vivia el pueblo ruso, resulta casi intolerable, de real. Film desgarrador, duro, imprescindible, mas en estos tiempos en que las grandes corporaciones olvidan a los mas humildes.

Dann M (de) wrote: Entertaining and fun, Conspiracy Theory is an exciting political thriller from director Richard Donner. Mel Gibson stars as a New York taxi driver and conspiracy theorist who seeks the help of a DOJ lawyer (played by Julia Roberts) after escaping from a CIA black ops team. The film does a good job at using the conspiracy motif; working in several popular conspiracies (such as black helicopters and RFID chips), and playing with a number of conspiracy tropes. However, this also makes things a little confusing and overly complicated at times. But, Donner's able to mitigate some of this by keeping the tone lighthearted with bits of comedy and satire. Additionally, the score is especially well-done and brings a nice energy to the film. Though it has some problems, Conspiracy Theory holds up and is an enjoyable film that's full of suspense and intrigue.

Rob R (au) wrote: A touching story packaged in an okay movie, with a lot of fat and flat characters.

Allan C (au) wrote: Meh action/sci-fi/romance from the usually reliable director Tony Scott. Films directed by Scott are typical only as good as his scripts; "True Romance" or " Enemy of the State" being on the better end and "Beverly Hills Cop II" or "The Fan" being on the weaker end. This film falls on the weaker end, but like most of Scott's films, even the weaker one, it's still watchable and usually features a strong cast (Denzel Washington, Jim Caviezel, Val Kilmer, Adam Goldberg, Bruce Greenwood, and Matt Craven). The story here certainly had potential, involving a terrorist bombing investigation which ends up using time travel-like technology to unravel the mystery of the who was behind the bombing. I did like the idea of trying to come up with a plausible scientific explanation of time travel, but like a lot of time travel stories, this one ends up with some glaring plot holes. And I'm not sure I can lay blame completely on the script because the writers apparently blamed Scott for cutting out much of their script, instead focusing on action scenes and removing other section, which they said created the film's plot holes. Regardless of whoever is responsible for the weak story, the film is still watchable and reasonably enjoyable, particularly if you're a fan of Denzel, though this film could certainly have been better. Watch "Timecrimes," "Primer" or even "Looper" if you want a real mind bending time travel film.