Chammak Challo

Chammak Challo

Chammak Challo is a 2013 Telugu film directed by National Award winning director G. Neelakanta Reddy starring Varun Sandesh, Sanchita Padukone and Catherine Tresa. The film has a tagline "Love Ki Logic Ledu" and features music by Kiran Varanasi while Ranganath Gogineni and Nagi Reddy handled the Cinematography and Editing, respectively

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Chammak Challo torrent reviews

Tim E (it) wrote: Extremely FUNNY but definitely not a family movie.

Heather M (es) wrote: This didn't look like it would interest me so I didn't waste my time watching it.

Rene P (br) wrote: Fascinating conceit about sexual identity although the execution doesn't quite live up.

Marissa a (es) wrote: Orlando bloom played a good part but way too much cursing

Rhea G (nl) wrote: disturbing, but interesting

Alejandro E (es) wrote: Emotive real live story of the forge,downfall and rebirth of a musician genius.Shall not miss it

Ilja R (fr) wrote: Lukekaa nyt herran thden tuo plot synopsis. Lukekaa se sitten uudestaan. Miksei siit kokouksesta ole tallennetta, jossa tuo pitchattiin? Ja miksei kukaan tee elokuvaa jossa hullu tiedemies haluaa luoda uudelleen Michael Bayn Armageddonin?

Paul Jenks J (it) wrote: fantastic film loved it as a kid love it now tried to get hold of it six years ago on e-bay copies were going on average for 80 more for the soundtrack

Ryan V (es) wrote: The most enduring legacy of this film is that it helped bring the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim to an international audience. The hypnotic rhythms and lovely melodies of Black Orpheus' soundtrack do, however, frame an interesting adaptation of the ancient Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. I'm a sucker for modern takes on the classics, so setting epic Greek tragedy in the sprawl of Rio de Janeiro's Carnival is a concept I can get behind. To summarize, this is a well-made movie that presents a unique twist on an old legend while featuring a groundbreaking score.