A former jockey who became blind after losing his wife in an accident gets a second chance with the help of his daughter and an injured horse.

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Derek M (us) wrote: What starts out eerie and intense, quickly turns to a poorly paced and very predictable vehicle which under-utilizes Sam Rockwell in what could have been a very interesting lead performance. The film becomes tedious to watch and less believable as the film wears on. Reviewed 2/4/13. Rated 2.5 out of 5.

Lisa G (es) wrote: It should change the way you think about water.

Gaspar O (de) wrote: One deep fried punk, Trace Adkins pissing fire, a one-armed druggie (thanks to a reciprocating saw) and some John Stamos look-alike with a grenade fetish who plays guitar on top of his mobile home. This thing is class all the way. Extra half star for the possum skinner making punk jerky.

Mallory S (de) wrote: They didn't miss a cliche....

Nikki K (ag) wrote: Nice movie, I like Maureen O'Hara Character... nice ending.

Yesianne R (de) wrote: Excellent documentary about the gay and lesbians from the Nazi Germany. This movie will show you how the holocaust wasn't only for the Jews but for everyone that dare to be different.

Phillie E (br) wrote: A little more tired than the original, but just as much laughs. Introducing Verne Troyer!

TJ P (es) wrote: A ferocious heist flick! Very entertaining and excellent character development!

Alison O (de) wrote: Best in Show: Rachel Griffiths One for the future: Rachel Griffiths Stand-out scene: Burning down the (whore) house Brainer or no-brainer: Brainer Stands up to one viewing or repeated?: Repeated DVD commentary any good?: n/a TV Adapted from author Hanif Kureishi's short story of the same name, this East-West culture clash movie is a pearl amongst swine where recent kitchen sink British dramas are concerned. Rachel Griffiths appeared in this the same year as My Best Friend's Wedding (and three years after her breakthrough with Muriel's Wedding), sharing the star billing with Om Puri (who has cornered the market somewhat in comedy Asians after his scene-stealing roles in The Parole Officer and East is East). Om is Parvez, a self-employed taxi driver with a desire for full integration into the British way of life. Griffiths is Bettina, the prostitute Parvez takes under his protective wing. Parvez greets Mr Schitz, a travelling German businessman at the airport (holding aloft, hilariously, a sign reading 'Mr Shits') and becomes his driver for the duration of his stay. Meanwhile, Parvez's son starts exhibiting signs of Muslim fanaticism and embarks on an all-out campaign to rid his local streets of prostitution. A tender drama with plenty of laughs along the way, this is a film with a lot going for it.

MEC r (ru) wrote: Could have been a lot better.

Erik G (gb) wrote: Just as I was looking at the complete list of all the Bruno Ganz movies on his Flixster profile it was no surprise that it was missing this movie title. And with no one having reviewed this yet in addition to the profile missing out the description of plot summary I think I'll make it very specific. Directed by Alain Tanner, In The White City is a haunting, bluesy mood-piece that tells of a disconnected sailor who jumps ship in Lisbon. Paul drifts through the streets of the ghostly "white city" with a movie camera in hand, filming himself and recording his unstructured search for something real. It was at the local bar when his spirit was unleashed by meeting the feisty, beautiful Rosa. I happened to have discovered this movie recently and only saw it 'cause Ganz is my favorite foreign actor at the moment, and when I saw him here he was really good in his acting performance. Beautifully photographed, In The White City is a well made film that, although hard to find, can be recommendable for the foreign film fan. (The dialogue is spoken in Portuguese, French, German, and English with English subtitles at the bottom of the screen.)

Trent J (br) wrote: Satirically charged comedy that's more concerned with venting its own anger than telling a good story. Not helping matters is a decidedly obtuse commentary on American imperialism. By exaggerating the subject matter beyond all recognition, William Klein has created a work of self-serious irrelevance. But maybe that's what he wanted.

Andie N (fr) wrote: I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!! Great for girls night, staying in, or learning how to catch and keep a man. The perfect chick flick.

Petros T (it) wrote: "Les Neiges Du Kilimandjaro" is a film of sublime beauty. The warm cast, nice photography, great script and tight direction result in an absorbing watch that at times proves to be both intense and relaxing.

Kathryn N (jp) wrote: Classic Loach, a tale of working class struggle in post-Thatcher, Conservative-ruled Britain, a place of despairing joblessness and disintegrating community. Despite the unemployment, petty crime and crack that afflict their Lancashire housing estate, Bob (Jones) and wife Anne (Brown) remain staunch Catholics. Bob does odd jobs to put food on the table, but also because he's determined to buy their daughter her communion dress, rather than accept a loan from the priest. He's soon in hock to loan-sharks. Though the subject of Loach's film is as dark as ever, the movie is funnier than Riff-Raff, thanks to another delicious performance from Ricky Tomlinson as Bob's pal Tommy. The gags range from deadpan Northern banter to slapstick and scatology, but they don't overshadow the political acuity of Jim Allen's script , or the narrative's inexorable progress into the stuff of everyday nightmare. This is no rant, but a warm, unsentimental tribute to the working-class spirit. Superbly acted, as always, and a hugely enjoyable example of the cinema of commitment.

Joe S (de) wrote: I have to stay i did chuckle a few times its not bad I thought the rock made this movie ! ???