Champion Road: Arena

Champion Road: Arena

John, Abel and a few new fighters compete in "The Supreme fighting Arena". a competition where fighters face one another in a contest to the death. Jupiter, Neesa, Kyo, Conner as well as many new enemies appear and the final battle for control over the city begins. Written by Shadow Multimedia

John, Abel and a few new fighters compete in "The Supreme fighting Arena". a competition where fighters face one another in a contest to the death. Jupiter, Neesa, Kyo, Conner as well as ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle P (gb) wrote: a mix between 28 days later and walking dead. great visuals and action. the little girl is good but weak at the end. worth the watch

Marc L (es) wrote: Encore une serie B made in Sci-Fi Channel, on ne s'en lasse decidement pas. Meme si l'hydre - la bestiole tueuse du jour - evoque les Animatronics de la Fantasy des annees 80, et meme si la derniere demi-heure vire au delire sous acide (l'epee d'Hercule...oui c'est cela, c'est cela), le reste parvient a tenir plus ou moins debout, avec un principe qui tient a la fois d'Hostel et de Battle Royale. Evidemment, l'idee reste nettement moins approfondie, c'est simplement pour le decorum en fait, mais il suffit de ce petit detail et de quelques acteurs un rien plus convaincants qu'a l'ordinaire pour que Hydra parvienne presque au rang d'honnete telefilm du samedi soir. Presque.

Siobhan W (kr) wrote: my hubby and I were looking for a movies we hadn't seen and we ran across this one.. i so enjoyed it

Filip D (fr) wrote: The story is quite an adventure, and the characters are terrific. Curiously song-driven, the highlight for me was the Soggy Bottoms' bearded perfomrance.

Andrew M (es) wrote: saw this today, infact. Paul Walker's in it. It's bad. Imagine that.

Harshad P (es) wrote: One Of the Best Performances of SRK ..........

Rachel F (jp) wrote: Love the story, love the cast, love the 80's campiness. A surprising amount of drama that somehow captures you. Unfortunately, as good a film as this actually is in some ways, it fails in it's primary category: action. The F-16 bombing sequences are well done, but the dogfights are terrible, with reused shots everywhere and maddeningly inconsistency with the armaments shown on the planes themselves. Also, the final jet fighter "duel" is a big letdown. Still, for it's flaws, a truly classic 80's film that everyone can enjoy (and should already have seen!)

Carlos M (au) wrote: It is almost impossible not to be thrilled by this hugely entertaining modern classic that boasts a delicious sense of humor, a charismatic protagonist (Harrison Ford is awesome as always) and a lot of fast-paced action, with each scene more exciting than the one before.

Jonathan B (mx) wrote: Russell's best film by a long shot. A visceral, potent visually stunning masterpiece.

Andrew I (us) wrote: I found this film surprisingly funny for such an old, b&w Northern film which in my experience are usually about coal or rheumatism. It's not exactly full of jokes, rather based around amusing situations and witty dialogue brought about by Billy's compulsive and imaginative lies. Recommended.

Logan M (gb) wrote: I didn't absolutely despise it, but with its stiff chemistry between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, uninteresting and generic alien bad guy, and cardboard thin supporting characters that are used for one or two scenes then immediately discarded, "Men in Black" rubbed me the wrong way in so many places.

Brian G (de) wrote: Do androids dream of electric sheep? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But, Blade Runner achieves as cinema's earliest examples of eccentric robots capable of feeling empathy. And by the end of the film, the viewer is left deciding on who is more capable of doing so much evil, humans or robots?

Fa N (de) wrote: Good story,funny but still touchy. Good movie