Chan Is Missing

Chan Is Missing

Two cabbies search San Francisco's Chinatown for a mysterious character who has disappeared with their $4000. Their quest leads them on a humorous, if mundane, journey which illuminates the many problems experienced by Chinese-Americans trying to assimilate into contemporary American society.

Two cabbies search San Francisco's Chinatown for a mysterious character who has disappeared with their $4000. Their quest leads them on a humorous, if mundane, journey which illuminates the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tiago C (nl) wrote: Documentary about the lives of three children with problems and dysfunctional families. The documentary is very simple and without many pretensions. It is valid because it shows a depressing side of childhood.

Sergio R (ca) wrote: The most expensive colombian film is also one of the lamest, Sin tetas no hay paraiso is an insult for partially every spectator, showing a horrible development to a horrible lesson, i understand what director Gustavo Bolivar wanted to show: a social critic to the teenagers of the country and give to them a lesson but that is not the correct form.This is an insupportable and superficial effort of a production, it has some technical magnificence, and the money is felt, but the performances are laughable, is full of plot holes (not to mention that ludicrous ending), and that we saw the TV show exactly with the same scenes but it was of 23 episodes.Briefly this film is one of the most weakest colombian films i have ever seen with an inflated budget, terrible protagonist, awful editing, ridiculous soundtrack and obviously to remark the unnecesary that is in structure, camouflaged with "good" pretentions.

MARCUS1138 (mx) wrote: "She put the gun in her mouth"

Rmi M (ca) wrote: j'ai pas trop compris pourquoi le taureau aussi gros qu'une maison arrivait juste a faire tomber des cadres dans l'glise.

Noname (fr) wrote: War movies about WW2 im always curious to take a closer look at. This flick have got some fair reviews so i gave it a shot. The story goes back to 1944 in Italy where 4 black US army soldiers are trapped. They find a young lonely boy they wants to help aswell.. This movie are rather long with only a few good action scenes and mostly drama in a slow tempo. Some more action and i would have been more pleased but still its a well made movie with goot acting/story.

Sergio E (au) wrote: This was a very bad B movie !! I don't really know what's going on with snipes!! but still!! if there is nothing else to see!! then try it!!

THEdjpluto (au) wrote: You can't help but love this ridiculous concept!!! Funny, with nonstop gruesome action, file this under "so bad, it's good"!

Erik M (it) wrote: Cold Mountain offers an epic storyline set during the twilight of the Civil War about a confederate soldier who escapes the war to return to his beloved. The storytelling for the most part is good, but there are some pacing problems in between. The performances from the leads are good, but the show stealer is Ren (C)e Zellweger as Ruby, a friend of Ada Monroe (Nicole Kidman). The direction is good overall, although it could have been better and the film has gorgeous cinematography.Although some of the drama did not have the effect it was supposed to, the overall experience is satisfying, an epic civil war romance with high production values and a worth-while story. A solid adaptation to the novel.

Calvin R (kr) wrote: Fantastic Four probably the worse Marvel film. This had potential to have a subpar acting, great storytelling, though it wasn't to bad. Though it wasn't entirly bad, it had some goofy cheesy comical splash, it wits was a waste, but not entirely. Fantastic Four is a mediocre attempt to bring Marvel's oldest hero team to the big screen

Brian B (gb) wrote: I enjoyed this film. I thought it was supposed to be an outright comedy, but there was a lot of story to it.

Brendan N (de) wrote: Wasn't quite the film I remembered but it still had that biting satire that black comedies lack these days. Cult favourite that everyone should have seen

Kevin N (gb) wrote: 'Stranger on the Third Floor' probably wouldn't be remembered outside of its recognition as the first film noir, but on its own it is a stylishly entertaining little B-film nightmare with an outstandingly creepy appearance by Peter Lorre. Clocking in at just over an hour, the picture doesn't overstay its welcome; if anything, the story could have used a little more fleshing out in order to bring its themes of guilt and responsibility to a more palpable level. John McGuire plays Mike Ward, a newspaper reporter who sends a man to death row in order to knock out a big headline and earn a promotion. He seems certain at first, but as the days tick on he begins to wonder if he has framed the wrong man, and he decides to do a little investigation on his own in order to set his conscience at ease. Margaret Tallichet plays Ward's grilfriend, a source of purity and justice who soon becomes the precious stakes in the middle of Ward's case and the killer. There isn't really anything new in this film that wasn't done brilliantly before- by Fritz Lang in his films of the thirties- but this RKO milestone should not be dismissed. It's meeting of aesthetic expressionism and hard-boiled American crime story was revolutionary in Hollywood, and its psychological suggestions probed at a darkness just beneath the surface of a country on the edge of war.

Mark G (es) wrote: a true classic in British humour. xxxx

Carlos M (fr) wrote: An inconceivably horrid display of sadism with an amount of stupidity that I can't remember seeing before (and I wanted to punch Bertino in the face for raping my brains like this), relying on two characters who seem to be competing as most shockingly stupid of all time. (Zero stars)

Marah R (jp) wrote: I'm not even sure this could be called a movie. I'd rather watch an infomercial.