Chand Ki Duniya

Chand Ki Duniya


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1959
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Chand Ki Duniya 1959 full movies, Chand Ki Duniya torrents movie

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Chand Ki Duniya torrent reviews

Alexander H (it) wrote: Neither good nor bad. Some nice scenes and interesting dialogue. But sometimes it is just plain boring.

Colin R (mx) wrote: Highly dubious if not devisive and racism attempt at humour

Alyson M (it) wrote: Good Movie, even though Hilary Swank annoys the hell out of me.

Andrew C (gb) wrote: Sometimes great basketball teams lose to poor teams because they 'play down' to their opponent. That must be what happened to Michael Douglas in this off the rails attempt at a spy movie. Melanie is her usual one-note but in an especially poor iteration. Beautiful shots of train stations don't make for a great way to spend two hours. 4/4/9

Sam P (it) wrote: New York Stories? was an interesting idea, there has been several films in the past that have had multiple-directors creating their own stories, but never with such high-class directors attempting it. Unfortunately, I will admit straight out, I didn(TM)t bother with Francis Ford Coppola(TM)s entry, as less then five minutes in, myself and my two housemates already hated it, it was that awful, so just decided to skip it. However, thankfully, the other two parts were much more substantial.I actually really enjoyed Life Lessons?, Martin Scorsese(TM)s entry, the tale of Nick Nolte(TM)s tortured artist who is sexually interested in Rosanna Arquette(TM)s character, his assistant and an aspiring actress. I loved Nolte(TM)s intensity in this film, he should come across very negatively, being the older man preying on Arquette(TM)s character, but her manipulation of him makes them into almost an example of a leech relationship, feeding off one another. I(TM)d actually have been fascinated enough to see a feature length film version, which could have involved flashbacks detailing their first meeting, akin to Blue Valentine, showing the different between the beginning and the end. Probably my favorite of the two stories I saw.Life Without Zo (C) we skipped, don(TM)t regret it.Oedipus Wrecks is supposed to be the most popular, the supposed best short film? of the film. The thing is, for me, a short film needs to work well as a short film, but leaves enough open to have potential for a longer film. Oedipus Wrecks worked as anepisode for a TV series, but not as a longer film. I liked Woody Allen(TM)s story of a neurotic man (original) under pressure from his mother(TM)s overbearing style, and found it funny at times, I(TM)ll admit, but I did cringe at one or two moments where the mum is overbearing. I enjoyed this story, but I don(TM)t think it was better then Life Lessons.Basically, I recommend Part 1 and Part 3, but Part 2 already seemed too awful after just five minutes, so don(TM)t see it, unless you are a HUGE Coppola fan.

Daren H (kr) wrote: this movie sucks. dont see it

austin g (mx) wrote: A fine performance from Dub Taylor. Some funny moments. A definative SASQUATCH Must See! The plot kept me wanting more.

KARLA E (mx) wrote: Love this movie so much, absolute favorite among all his western flix =)

Rick R (au) wrote: Pitfall (1948)I'm a big fan of the non-musical Dick Powell movies. But Pitfall isn't one of my favorites, but maybe you'll like it. This one is those typical film noirs where the protagonist is caught in a trap (usually of his own making). This one features a very young Raymond Burr (from Perry Mason) and Jane Wyatt (from Father Knows Best).John Forbes (Powell) is a bored suburbanite. He feels that he's in a rut, despite being an insurance adjuster/investigator in Los Angeles, and married to a very hot wife, Sue (Wyatt). Then one of his private detectives, MacDonald (Burr) brings a report about a model, Mona Stevens (Lizabeth Scott) who is the fiance of the guy, Bill Smiley (Byron Barr) who stole from the insurance company and is doing time in jail.Mac isn't hiding the fact that he has the hots for Mona and that he's very serious about her. John tells him to pursue her on his own time. John heads over to Mona's apartment to collect any money or gifts that Smiley may have given her. Mona doesn't take to John's taking her valuables, including her engagement ring.Mona gives John hell for his callousness and John takes it to heart. Even tries, to let her keep her beloved speed boat, until Mac turns this item in also. There is even a "Fade to Black" moment between John and Mona. Mac is obsessed with Mona, stalking both of them as well as egging on poor Smiley from jail. Things will come to a head with all of them.

Bubba M (ca) wrote: Another great Grant classic

Roman R (jp) wrote: Phillip Marlowe es uno de los detectives mas famosos en la literatura y el cine. En "Murder, My Sweet" Marlowe es interpretado por Dick Powell en una historia con todos los elementos que podemos encontrar en un clsico Noir. Lo nico que la impide de ser una gran cinta es que la narrativa es confusa y muchas veces nos encontramos perdidos en sus vuelcos de trama; aun as es muy disfrutable gracias a sus actuaciones (uno de los deleites en este tipo de pelculas es con su Femme Fatale)."Murder, My Sweet" es una buena pelcula basada en la novela de Raymond Chandler. Recomendable.

Ryan S (es) wrote: It's certainly fascinating to watch visually, but it's too strange and incoherent for me to consider it a "classic" like so many others do.

Swayamdeep S (mx) wrote: This is a great movie about depression. Kristen Stewart is amazing. Her indifference , social withdrawal shows the very essence of depression. It is slowly paced , which is perfect. She goes mute , this is her indifference , her inability to feel . She cant power through her trauma. Best thing about her act is it shows her inability . 8/10

Keith G (us) wrote: Pretty good action flick.....way better than I expected!!!

Kyle J (jp) wrote: The best movie I have ever seen.