Chandan Ka Palna

Chandan Ka Palna

Ajit lives with his mother, and comes from a very wealthy family. He meets with beautiful Shobha and both fall in love with each other. Ajit's mom is delighted and agrees to meet with Harikishan Rai, Shobha's father, to finalize their marriage. The marriage takes place with great pomp and ceremony. A few years later, Ajit notices a change in Shobha's behavior. She changes her lifestyle, adopts a more liberal outlook, takes to drinking alcohol, and has an hair-cut. Ajit and his mom are perplexed and appalled at this change, and want to find out, but Shobha refuses to tell them anything. One day, Shobha and Ajit's mom have an argument, and Shobha angrily lifts up her hand to slap her, only to be stopped by Ajit, who asks Shobha to leave immediately. Shobha leaves and returns to her father's house, leaving Ajit and his mother behind wondering what had changed Shobha so much, and whether to get Ajit married a second time or not.

Ajit lives with his mother, and comes from a very wealthy family. He meets with beautiful Shobha and both fall in love with each other. Ajit's mom is delighted and agrees to meet with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve B (ag) wrote: This film is not for everyone . . . slow, contemplative pace and next to zero "plot," but conceptually original and visually amazing. Oh yeah, and uses of CGI that are actually interesting. DVD releases on 1/31 -- watch the blu-ray if you can.

Jimmy C (ru) wrote: Sometimes long, but the cinematography and the actors are incredible. Altough the end worth all penny and the music is beautiful. Simles again!

MARIJA D (de) wrote: hard to watch...well done theme.

Chris B (kr) wrote: A cliched action/comedy hybrid starring Martin Lawrence that while entertaining enough for a lazy afternoon, it doesn't give us anything new or original. Much of the storyline is just so completely unbelievable and brushed over that it just is fluff to advance the cliched narrative along. There really isn't much to recommend here but if you want a brisk 90 minute action comedy film to pass the time, you could do worse.

Tom R (jp) wrote: (3 1/2 Stars) We're allowed to like movies based on nostalgia, as bad as they are. 3 Ninjas is stupid, incomprehensible, unoriginal and I like it. It doesn't even try to be different than the classics Home Alone, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The Karate Kid... well, that's not entirely true, I don't think those films had a cartoonish and implausible bad guy named Snyder (Rand Kingsley) who actually says the line "god, I love being a bad guy." If you can imagine the antagonist from The Karate Kid Part 3, Snyder is like that, except WAAAAY more over the top. I guess his hamminess is another reason to watch the film though... bad is always better than boring.The screenplay is pretty bad and there are a lot of inconceivable moments, but what holds the film up for me is the three stoner/surfer dudes who are ordered to kidnap the kids. They have the best lines of the film and I legitimately laugh whenever they do or say anything (one of my favorite exchanges between them is "Dude, what time does school get out?" "I don't know... I never stayed to the end.") 3 Ninjas is bad and I know it, but I enjoy it because it's so ghastly. My only defense for it is, "shut up."

Andrew B (ru) wrote: Fantastic. This is dry humor at its best.Why can't all comedies be this will acted and made? This is why I hate so many "comedies." Because they aren't well made. It seems that if a movie is suppose to be funny, the acting, lighting and camera work instantly have to be bad.

Becca D (br) wrote: It was a decent movie but I didn't like it that much compared to a lot of similar movies I've seen. I think this one hits a tiny bit too close to home with the hatred. The cinematic details are amazing.

Justin B (gb) wrote: A wonderful surprise. It doesn't reinvent the slasher by any means but it's one of the best of the genre, putting more focus in a rich atmosphere rather than numerous graphic kills. Though the actual print quality available is poor, it's well shot and the score is chilling.

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Chris G (ca) wrote: Love this film!!! The predecessor to the Lethal Weapon films. Caan and Arkin are just as cool and funny as Riggs and Murtaugh. A must see if you love buddy cop films!

Evan H (gb) wrote: This is a pretty funny movie that makes not much sense but is entertaining!

Mikoj D (ca) wrote: Damn great script and a touching story

Zachary M (fr) wrote: The first mega comedy, bringing in every major comic of the time, and some from the past. It has plenty of wacky and memorable moments, packed with colorful characters of every kind. This premise has been done before, and since, but never has such a small basic idea been executed like this. It may be a bit slow by today's standards, however it does have a place for fans of comedy of all ages. It's easy to see why these comedians where and are such a huge influence on the writers of The Simpsons.