• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1980
  • Language:Telugu
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Chandipriya torrent reviews

Tristan M (ag) wrote: A classic about a billionaire, fashion photographer, and black guy in the middle of nowhere in Alaska trying to survive against the elements and most of all, a killer bear. The stage is set early on as the old man, an billionaire played by Anthony Hopkins who clearly knows everything due to his intensive readings is lost in the woods, with only his extensive knowledge to survive. The photographer is played by Alec Baldwin and he's opposed to all of his ideas, and the black guys is a disposable third wheel who is simply there to be killed and eaten by the bear so it will taste human blood and hunt down the other two. It is a rather predictable movie, but the classic nature of it with two great actors and a decent script make for a good interesting journey. It doesn't get into survive much of how they fed themselves (I don't thing they ever ate) but does get into making compasses with very conveniently placed devices and killing a bear with sharpened sticks. Is it all possible, yes actually, but who could make it really happen I'm not sure. Then how the Baldwins character decided that he no longer needed Hopkins to do all the work and save him and that killing him for his wife and riches was just one of those greatly stupid twists that we don't have to hope not to see because their too stupid to happen. But it does, he falls in a hole and gets himself eventually killed because of it, in a stupid movie in the film makers part, but the ending turned out ok in the end so it's not all bad. Overall it's a enjoyable classic, just is missing a fair share of important things and could have dropped certain parts of the story.

Jerome K (ag) wrote: This sequel maintains the quality of the original with fight choreography that's as thrilling to watch as ever. Fans of the first shouldn't be disappointed. I also enjoyed the story a little more, perhaps because Ip Man finally met someone to which he wasn't invincible. However, some may not like the introduction of Western boxing and the Rocky-like story in the latter half of the film.

Marc D (kr) wrote: I wish I had that guy's chops

David A (nl) wrote: Full of life and soul, not to mention funny; "Almost Famous" is a coming-of-age story that tells us the values of friendship and love. The characters were perfectly casted and the writing was superb and well-thought out. It's funny and relatable. We're literally stepping into the shoes of a writer as he travel across the country with a couple of rock stars. Enjoy the ride!

Leigh M (mx) wrote: great .adrian paul bring fresh air to the franchise

bill s (gb) wrote: Just bad enough to really piss Celtics fans off big time.....had to be made by a Lakers fan.

Mandela W (ca) wrote: Married to the Mob is a wild story with the focus on angela de marco the wife of local gangster Frankie "The Cucumber" de Marco. Angela has never been too thrilled about her husbands dangerous and dirty lifestyle. One night a set up on Frankie costs him his life. Angela grieves but also see this as a chance to leave behind the mob life and start anew with her son joey. The only problem is she has to deal with Tony "the tiger" Russo who is in love with her and wont leave her along, an fbi agent who is also following her and the crazy other mob wives that are hounding the hell out of her. As one can expect a lot of hilarity ensues.The film gets a tad bit corny at times but it still is very entertaining and funny. Great costuming work for this film. It's 80's to the bone here the hair, the salon, the clothes, very old school. the music soundtrack is great and really sets the lighthearted mood that dominates the story. the screenplay is wonderful! so many funny twists and turns in the story with such a well written characters. The love story in here is nicely crafted and full of complexities. Michelle pfiefer did a fine comedic job! this is a really well rounded character. Angela is a woman trying to reinvent her life after years of literally being "married to the mob" and its hilarious seeing these gangsters and mob wives continuously interfering with that. Her New York Accent was most impressive. matthew modine gives a really solid humorous performance as this relentless FBI agent. I like how this character gets even more involved then he had planned. dean stockwell was fantastic in this supporting role! I wouldn't go as far as saying it was Oscar worthy but still great!jonathan demme does a wonderful directing job here. He utilizes some clever mise en scene shots in a superb comedic fashion. It is a nice and colorful take on the gangster genre. This film had quite a wild ending but it brought everything to a decisive head.A great comedy flick that shows a light hearted perspective on an otherwise violent and harsh world.

Hugh M (fr) wrote: Lt. Harry Morant (Edward Woodward) "This is what comes of empire building."

Charles P (nl) wrote: If one were to strip the movie of its leather, gory murders, and gay bar scenes, there would be no story - nothing but a movie that goes through the motions of being a character study and a whodunit thriller.

Joseph J (ag) wrote: A true masterpiece. I loved how realistic this film is and how it shows the growth of the young boy in the film, becoming more troubled every time he goes to a different foster home. Shocking at times, but a powerful film.

James M (mx) wrote: Been a while, I need to watch it again some time.

Russell G (us) wrote: Who knew WW2 was so fun?? What it lacks in legitimacy it makes up in being an entertaining propaganda ride. Lots of humour and some good action set pieces. Flynn is always great on screen, and with Alan Hale you can't go wrong.

Tahj C (it) wrote: It's slightly better than the second movie. The actor who played Jeremey Wang was a big waste.

MariePier D (ru) wrote: That's a feel good movie for girls (and moms!)