Royal decorum, even in modern India, is stringent. The old tenet of duties and honor, before emotions and love, still subsist. In order to conserve their prominence, the royals seek the ...

Royal decorum, even in modern India, is stringent. The old tenet of duties and honor, before emotions and love, still subsist. In order to conserve their prominence, the royals seek the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick S (ca) wrote: Just a day ago Pope Francis condemned torture as being the lowest savagery committed by men upon other men. He went on stating that for any Christian accepting this practice, there will be consequences. Well, I am not religious, nor am I a moralist at large, nor do I believe in all "faith"-related mumbo-jumbo, but I still wonder, after having watched this particular movie, how many of such men (torturers) still go to church being convinced to be acting in the name of whatever justice and god they invent for themselves. This is a very good movie. A thought-provoking movie. The eternal conflict. Good vs. Evil. But who is Good and who is Evil? And who can really say what Evil really is? Granted, the subject matter is about a Man gone totally mad in planting three nuclear devices. But the movie also provokes us into thinking of why this individual is driven to such an extreme act? Why indeed... So many people think they are upholding the law and that they are righteous, but what really makes them so? The problem in our society is that no one stops for a moment to think, why there is so much Evil in our world. Is it just because it exists? Or does one have to go a bit deeper and think about all the injustices we have committed unto others, as to drive them to such utter and indeed, crazy desperation. Returning for a short moment to a pure religious thought (a theme I seldom use and despise), but wasn't it written, at least in the gospels, that Jesus asked: "Those of you who are without sin shall cast the first stone"? And what happened next? Nothing, people dropped the stones meant for Mary Magdala and went their own peaceful ways. In a civilized, and dare I say, modern society, torture is simply unacceptable. Do we really want to slip back into the Middle Ages? Why not reintroduce the Holy Inquisition, while we are at it? Let's go burn whomever we want then, and hang and drown and maim everyone we really don't like... Yes, but have you ever thought, just for one moment, that this someone could be YOU? This is why I gave this rating. The half-star detracted, is for the actual dialogue that is a bit to cliche for my understanding, but then again, people who practice such savagery are not truly intellectuals, are they?

Gavin M (ru) wrote: Strictly for film lovers.

Ilja S (ru) wrote: The third (and thank god the last) movie in the TMNT franchise ended up being even worse than the second installment. The acting is awful, the costumes look horrible, and the story just flaws. Completely forgettable.

Michael W (jp) wrote: Sloan travels to Brazil for an exhibition and helps out a couple streetkids, one of whom is abducted for human traffic--coincidently by the man who is his opponent's manager. Again, Sloan is forced to defend and make a moral stand in and out of the ring. Rio de Janeiro at least provides a change of scenery for this series.

Mohamed A (es) wrote: i was missing watching a crime movie of this kind

David B (de) wrote: dark gritty and set in tuscany ah i mean texas with lots of nudity and matthew mc conaughey theres only a handful of characters in this infact i think i read somewhere its adapted from a play all the characters are pretty awful poeple in one way of another except dottie played by juno temple who does full frontal nudity she looks about 15 in this but is actually early 20s when this was made .matthew mcConaughey buttox .hum its defo worth a watch alright.

Chloe C (ca) wrote: an intentional veil of the feminine Kidman over the vast desert and political climate in uncertain times. Unfortunately, this "queen" was portrayed as a lovelorn, almost bratty lass.

Bill R (kr) wrote: I had heard good things about this movie a while back and finally got a chance to watch it. it takes you to a very strange place yet give you a few laughs and a way that people deals in grief. sounds odd but the premise itself is odd and yet, the whole movie works for it.