Change Up

Change Up

From the Dominican Republic come two teenage baseball players, best friends, competing against each other to live the American Dream.

From the Dominican Republic come two teenage baseball players, best friends, competing against each other to live the American Dream. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chella P (jp) wrote: Same Fun Action Escaping Story...Yet, both the actors made something new out those

AmberAnd P (it) wrote: bad ass action flick w/ alot of purpose! I was impressed w/ this low budget action flick! But impressed the hell out of me! It should have been a theatrical release in my opinion. I am a die hard action fan! and this movie has that. Best parts is how Djimon Hounsou uses several different weapons and how this movie also has a good moral story to it as well!!

Justin J (ag) wrote: C-No where near as scary as the first, but its an ok sequel I guess you can watch if you have seen the first. Not many jump moments like in the first, but they did bump it up to a rated R which I personally don't like. No big stars are in this one either.

Tanner B (nl) wrote: The Postman (1997) ? 1/2Heavy-handed, self-serving (and surprisingly boring) treatment of David Brin's novel about Kevin Costner's journey to deliver mail in a post-apocalyptic America and attempt to restore humanity back to the planet. Pretentious story offers nothing, but sure takes an awful while. Costner's second directing feature after DANCES WITH WOLVES. Zzz.

Maja H (es) wrote: Very touching movie!

James K (mx) wrote: Great movie! Might have to see this one again! This is not your feel good "ET" or "Close Encounters" type of alien movie. Quite a bit of action, I sort of lost myself and was stunned when it was over. No doubt there will be a sequel.

Brian S (nl) wrote: "Fuck Spamoni!" Will Ferrell is back as Jackie Moon in a film about trying to get NBA status from the worst ABA team. the R rating helped to step it up a bit, but ultimately it's not as memorable as Old School, Anchorman, or Talladega Nights. C

annie g (br) wrote: Un'Amlie Poulain di mezza et, anche no. (peccato perch se sviluppato diversamente sarebbe stato anche carino)

Tania P (fr) wrote: her life is not easy

Gabriel L (us) wrote: Did not pass in Theatrees! they should have passed it, but it was Funny, original.

John B (us) wrote: Not to best of Loach. Forgettable once you have viewed it.

William H (jp) wrote: I Love Natalie Wood. Always have had a crush on her. Her character though she had a much different childhood than myself, I could relate to. Always feeling as if I had to live up to others expectations to earn their love. When Daisy got finally free at the end of the movie ,I found myself ready to kick up my heels and run after her on that beach...Very emotional movie for me on a personal level and a must see.

Tamatai N (it) wrote: This is as good as both animation and science fiction can get. I really was blown away by this film and the three fantastic stories that make it up. It is an absolute treat for the eyes and the imagination, seriously worth seeing whether this is your 'thing' or not.

Robert W (au) wrote: A perfectly balanced comedy. Charles Laughton is exceptional in his role as a manservant who is lost in a poker game to an American.

Fabiola H (us) wrote: how scandalous, i love story and the beautiful expressionistic movements and glances between lovers and moments of pensive solitude.

Bel A (jp) wrote: I'm being generous giving it 2 stars. Robert De Niro always delivers but why didn't they pick a real Serbian actor for the other role? I'm going to stop there.

Thibault L (mx) wrote: A solid Ferrara, dark, erotic and violent. A must see.

Kenneth B (gb) wrote: I'm not sure that Lean made many comedies but this is worth the admission fee. Very funny and very quirky.