Changing the Game

Changing the Game

An epic tale about a supremely intelligent young African-American male who rises from the ferocious and oppressive streets of North Philadelphia to being a shining star in the lucrative world of high finance at Wall Street's most prestigious firm. However, he soon finds that the white-collar world is filled with crime and death just like the drug-filled hood he left behind. His only chance of survival is to fully integrate a mysterious gift from a slain childhood friend fully into the fabric of his character.

An epic tale about a supremely intelligent young African-American male who rises from the ferocious and oppressive streets of North Philadelphia to being a shining star in the lucrative ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill D (br) wrote: Not quite as good as Band of Brothers but worthwhile viewing. I think there was a whole lot more graphic fighting going on in the series than with BoB

horse c (mx) wrote: Over & Over About the Same Issues....

Nellie K A (ag) wrote: My fellow Belgian countryman, Benoit Poelvorde is also in this dark comedy.

Stacey E (de) wrote: Really great true story of an amazing talented man... :)

Francisco L (ru) wrote: With a good cast and funny plot, but with a predictable narrative and weak screenplay, Couples Retreat is only one more movie on Comedy Genre that doesn't bring nothing new.

Alex K (mx) wrote: I can't understand why this film is not liked it is full of a lot of laughs and it also has a great cast.

Jen H (jp) wrote: I've only seen half of this so far but I can't wait to see what happens next!

Doug S (ca) wrote: I am not a morman but I appreciate the work of missionaries.

Robin A (it) wrote: Almost already a Swedish classic.

Ben C (kr) wrote: The book wasn't even that good, what makes you think the movie will?

Mohammed A (mx) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Terri H (au) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Richard Y (mx) wrote: Not quite the material the three Douglas generations had waited for all those years to be on the same screen!

Art S (us) wrote: Head to head acting duel by Depardieu and Polanski, directed by Giuseppe Tornatore (of Cinema Paradiso fame). A murder has been committed; Depardieu, a famous author, is the suspect -- but he can't remember things. All the action takes place in one run-down police station in the middle of nowhere. In the 1990s, when I first saw this, I gave it top marks. Now, watching it again (but knowing the twist in the plot), I find it has sunken in my appreciation. I also watched a really bad dubbed version this time (in Italian).

Cara B (ca) wrote: amazing, all around. who knew film could be this profound? such talent, out of this world action sequences, mind blowing writing... forget about citizen kane... this is the one...

Kamal J (it) wrote: A wonderful film that is worth re-visiting. Other than Meg Ryan's absolute cuteness, the script and dialogue is something to be noticed.

Tejas S (gb) wrote: The best indian cinema ever made by The greatest ARTIST ever - GURU DUTT.... its like poetry on screen.. gives me the goosebumps everytime i watch it.. A MASTERPIECE INDEED.. Every artist gotta watch it i feels; )

Jon C (br) wrote: not really much of a plot going on but this is a sweet, somber story of a little fawn making his way into the worldthere's an overabundance of cuteness throughout and Bambi really isn't that interesting of a character, it's ok though since he is still a child slowly becoming an adult to be the next Prince of the Forestand of course we cant forget that the film is the most infamous Disney film with the most impactful tragedy that has stuck with viewers since its releasebut more than that the animators have crafted an ingenious look at the nature side of things with the backgrounds looking like paintings, all the animals richly detailed in look and movement, and a majority of the story is told through it's unique visuals matching all the emotions the characters go throughbirth, starting off, connecting, loss, revival, love, and respect all rolled into a beautiful piece of cinema

Paul F (it) wrote: Insurgent is a choppy and uneven sequel to the Divergent. However interesting action sequences and an intriguing romance save this movie from being a total bust.

Kathy B (ru) wrote: excellent. So much courage