Channa Sachi Muchi

Channa Sachi Muchi

A true love story that originated during 1947 partition of subcontinent revolves around a girl named Pooja(Saima)who is Hindu by descend and a Muslim boy named Bao(Moamar Rana). The story ...

A true love story that originated during 1947 partition of subcontinent revolves around a girl named Pooja(Saima)who is Hindu by descend and a Muslim boy named Bao(Moamar Rana). The story ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick D (fr) wrote: Mildly entertaining. I myself am skeptical as to it's being called a "documentary." It seems much more believable that Mr. Moote did a pretty decent job of crafting a vehicle for himself (making it self-deprecating to make it easier to sell). The happy coincidence of "bumping into" the lady from the sex shop at that convention (and how convenient that the camera was rolling right when Patrick and his crew "discovered" this!) was a bit too much to be believable. And whenever he gets busted with a hidden camera, none of the faces are obscured to protect identity. You're telling me all those people signed releases to be in the film (no studio would distribute the film unless they had). I have no proof that the whole thing was thoroughly planned, but from beginning to end, it had the stench of a hoax. Everybody in it seemed to be trying very hard to make it seem natural, and in doing so, they overdid it. Still, it had it's amusing moments and it discusses a very real issue for a lot of men.

Liam C (ca) wrote: Wow... Hugh Grant should have gotten an Oscar for this, I've always liked him and thought he was great but wow... He's absolutely brilliant in this. They really messed up the Oscars in 2002. That was the year Adaptation came out as well, so Nic and Hugh should have been tied for Best Actor and both films should have been tied for Best Adapted Screenplay, I can't understand why The Pianist won what it did, it might have only won 3 things, thankfully, but it was boring and Walken should have won for Best Supporting Actor for the second time but I'm digressing a little. Why is the audience score so low? I don't understand! About a Boy is a fantastic, charming and witty film that features an excellent performance by Hugh Grant and a fantastic lead role debut for Nicholas Hoult.I really like how the film started, it starts off brilliantly and just goes right into the story and doesn't waste any time. The story in this film is absolutely outstanding and the way it develops is brilliant and some of the best development I've seen, it gets you emotionally invested but never manipulates the audience as it all feels very, very real; it's excellent. It's a dramedy and the Weitz's totally nail the right balance between comedy and drama, one minute you'll be laughing and the next you'll be on the edge of your seat and never once did it feel like a jarring tonal shift; I love it. Like I've already said, the acting in this is excellent. Hugh Grant does some of his best work and really fits the character perfectly, he has great emotion and great delivery, he looks the part and his character has a real and believable arc, it's rewarding to watch. I've already talked about the Oscars but it baffles me how he was ignored for at least a BAFTA for this, it's strange. I'm glad that Brad Pitt decided not to take the lead role, not because I don't like him but after seeing the film I can't see anyone doing a better job, but if he did do it we wouldn't have anyone else to compare it to because we wouldn't know any different but he still appears in one way or another. Nicholas Hoult does a brilliant job and does fantastically well, he jokes at the start about not being good at drama and talks about another child actor and I know that's just his character saying that but it's funny to hear. Toni Collette is once again brilliant and as usual gets snubbed for an award pretty much everytime. The narration for both the lead characters is great and it adds a lot to the film, especially the funny scenes where they think something different to what they say. I like the sideswipe transitions, they were fitting and felt unbelievably English for some reason. The film also has a good soundtrack. And the whole film leads up to a fantastic ending that made me really happy, even if Will has to keep it going but it stays true to the character, which I liked. I actually thought the song that Marcus would do at the end would be the one he was listening to on the CD and get everyone in the audience cheering for him but I'm glad the film developed the way it did. Also, one of the producers is Robert De Niro, and that's cool.About a Boy is an excellent film, it has a smart script, fantastic acting and its feel good but never manipulates the audience and the emotions that it generates are totally, wholeheartedly earned.

John M (us) wrote: I appreciate the originality tied into a modern romance but the film's all over the place. There's a lot of potential in the story that isn't as effective with the expected twists and overexplaining, as well as crappy editing.

Andrew P (it) wrote: Some dude is trying to bang this chick before midnight on the millennium or his Viagra runs out and he looses wood. Schwartzinheimer plays the role of the biggest cock blocker of all time. The movie has more action cliches than priest has notches on his alter(boy).

jay n (it) wrote: Colorful but best for the kiddies.

Paul C (ca) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie, but some of the transitions in it seemed disjointed.

Kevin R (es) wrote: He says he knows nothing; and if he did, he would tell you nothing.A World War II mission to take down a Japanese communication center goes belly up from the beginning. The American soldiers are left no choice but to trust a Filipino Gorilla Army to shot their way across the country and hopefully take down the communications tower."Are you suggesting that we hold her for a hostage?""No. I will just cut her tongue out.""That sounds reasonable."Monte Hellman, director of Two-Lane Blacktop, The Shooting, Iguana, Ride in the Whirlwind, Road to Nowhere, and Cockfighter, delivers Back Door to Hell. The storyline for this picture is just okay and a bit frustrating at times. The action scenes are pretty good and the acting is above average. The cast includes Jack Nicholson, Jimmie Rodgers, John Hackett, and Conrad Maga. "Are we their friends or are we their prisoners?""Does it matter?"I DVR'd this picture off Encore because it starred the legendary Jack Nicholson. The story for this picture was kind of bland but the characters were okay. This was definitely a subpar picture starring the legendary Nicholson that is only worth seeing if you are a fan of his work."You and your men, come with us."Grade: C

James H (us) wrote: This is a fun action movie that has a very different mould to the first two films. Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson form a great buddy cop partnership and Jeremy Irons is more than interesting as the hero. Obviously it doesn't live up to the original die hard but what does?

Felipe F (it) wrote: House of Sand and Fog utilizes the battle of wits between Ben Kingsley and Jennifer Connelly to slowly build a tension that leads to a tragic conclusion.

Matthew M (it) wrote: I can't believe I watched the whole thing.