• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1946
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Chantaje 1946 full movies, Chantaje torrents movie

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Chantaje torrent reviews

Frances H (au) wrote: Very charming, enjoyable movie, with Helen Mirren delivering her usual wonderful performance. There is nothing wrong with feel-good flicks, despite what the critics say. After all, they frequently love movies nobody else liked or of which nobody else ever heard that are invariably depressing as hell.

Karen H (au) wrote: 2014-02-14 kind of crude, kind of funny

Mike L (gb) wrote: Pretty badly done and acted. A little surprising that Scout would attach herself to a movie like this. They tried to make it dramatic and tense and their efforts were forced and obvious. The man who played the lead, the father was such an important role and should have been played by someone who could act. Still, there was something I liked about it. I liked the characters and what they tried to do with it and ever since the Halloween reboots I can't help but be a Scout fan. It was an interesting story that could have been done better.

Micah F (gb) wrote: The film's immaculate execution stops me from giving it any lower of a rating, yet I cannot bring myself to believe that the mockumentary approach was what the story truly needed. The orchestrated ending alone makes me question the rest of this movie's sincerity.

Adam L (br) wrote: Shewwww.....real bad. Terrible acting and worn out premise. Then it just keeps going. It doesn't want to end. Just end. please.

M H (br) wrote: A movie which thinks that its audience is even dumber than it is. Compared to this, In the Army Now is comedy gold. A bit about my rating system, no matter how bad, I only give a 0% to films I cannot sit all the way through. As I sat through this one until the credits, I have to give it a 10%. I hated it as much or more than some movies with a 0%.

Jacob M (de) wrote: Although it had some great performances from its surprisingly well known cast, it couldn't quite back them up due to its uninspired story and its dialogue not compelling. It felt so bland for a true story like this. It was like Dito Montiel just wrote a summary of his life and hoped that it would be successful. The dialogue never had much to do with the overall story and I'm left wondering what these people are even about. Its actually a bit frustrating.As I said before, this wasn't a total loss. It at least had some great performances but it didn't have the right storytelling to let it soar and its a shame. I really believe this could have been a lot better than it was and I don't know how it has the score it has now.

Hina R (us) wrote: very far-fetched...but worth watching

Rhady N (au) wrote: The visuals are stunning, but the film fails for something that is unfortunately becoming a tradition in Brazilian cinema: the lack of a consistent script. Too much responsibility is left on the actors' shoulders, as if they were the ones who were supposed to make the film work, and although the cast fights this battle with all they've got, I honestly don't know if that's fair.The worst is that I could simply copy and paste the comment above into Mr. Ainouz' following film, "Love For Sale: Suely in the Sky".

Larry W (mx) wrote: Most of the time, you'll be wishing Bartel had directed.

Martin T (fr) wrote: An interesting story, told with some exceptional camerawork. Some of it is really exciting. However, much of it is quite confusing. Surprisingly, the disjointed timeline didn't pose much of a problem, but there are too many characters to keep track of, episodes happening too quickly, and fuzzy, convoluted political elements. I was frequently unclear about what was happening or why. I couldn't find an emotional center, and usually felt somewhat distant from the events unfolding onscreen.

Alvin Y (fr) wrote: Not quite Ip Man 1 and 2, but I think this should've been the 1 where Ip Man began, other than this it's a fascinating tale on how a legendary martial arts master became famous. And those scenes with his brother and his future wife are moments to see here, but wait a second, isn't it he's the guy who played Master Jin in the 1st and 2nd Ip Man? Well then, still a legend is born