Chantal Akerman

Chantal Akerman


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:12 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Chantal Akerman 2013 full movies, Chantal Akerman torrents movie

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Chantal Akerman torrent reviews

Sol C (mx) wrote: Sam Rockwell's performance is one of the best reasons to watch this film. He kind of reminded me of Josh Brolin in No Country For Old Men. The film reminded me a lot of No Country For Old Men and A Simple Plan. The only negative was the pacing. It was a little slow at times.Besides Rockwell, the film has a good cast. There is solid supporting performances from Kelly Reilly, Jason Isaacs, and Jeffrey Wright.I definitely recommend the film, especially cause of Rockwell's performance.

David D (fr) wrote: A very long melodrama based on a classic 19th Century Portuguese novel. Much of the acting is quite good if a bit stiff and some of the dialog is baroque and unrealistic. It has almost soap opera like twists and complications but the story is slow -- very slow, sometimes boringly slow. A film to be enjoyed for its cinematography and period flourishes perhaps but not a film many will find worth sitting through.

Lee L (nl) wrote: i was looking forward to this but the lead is so damn uninteresting yeah hes a hitman but i prefer him to be a bit more like wont happen and after 30 minutes i returned the dvd and got casino instead

Caleb L (fr) wrote: The best short film I have ever seen. Superb acting, intimate cinematography, a script of improvisational realism and exceedingly professional direction add to the powerful and realistic nature of WASP, which often feels like a documentary. A perfect piece of filmmaking.

Maryelle D (ru) wrote: Nice movie for a quiet evening at home. Nothing to rave about, it is filmed in a very conventional manner but great acting by Judy Davis and a good insight into daily life in the Australia of the 50s.

Ken T (de) wrote: One word to describe this one folks...Creepy"

Robert H (mx) wrote: Yawn... The movie that started Core with Hilary swank and ekhart. Wil Wheton and Terry Farrel from star trek fame both star.

Fernando H (au) wrote: buensimo este clasico mexicano

Cline D (br) wrote: Des paysages magnifiques, Catherine Deneuve sublime, Vincent Perez irrsistible, une saga historique, 20 ans aprs, on ne s'en lasse pas.

Kenneth Desmond H (us) wrote: this movie is creepy. it scared me and made me feel unsafe. Yes perhaps now it is a bit dated.. but as a suspense movie its pretty good. i am afraid of clowns.. so that works in the movies favor... but, there is something about clowns forcing someone to od something against their will that is very frightening.. given the backstory on the director...this movie may be telling two different stories.

Tyler S (nl) wrote: One of the better sports comedies, this movie centers around the Cleveland Indians and their God awful play. They have an owner who wants to lose so she can relocate the team to Miami. She brings in a group of misfit has been no name players and creatively they bond into a good team. So many memorable characters and moments which is the staple of a classic film. Who can forget Charlie Sheens turn as Wild Thing, the out of control wild personality pitcher. Tom Berenger was surprisingly good as a has been catcher, and the main character. Renne Russo plays his love interest well in the film. The crude language fits perfect in the movie, and it was cool to see a sports craze town like Cleveland as the back drop. A great entertaining sports movie that is a classic 25 years later.

Randy L (au) wrote: herzog on a slightly off day is still worth your time.

Marc R (ag) wrote: An essential work of the American vernacular, retaining the vividness of its era thanks to the great performances and screenplay and steady direction

Senor C (gb) wrote: Hammer's These Are the Damned is probably most note worthy for having MacDonald Carey (Dr Horton from Days of Our Lives) & a young Oliver Reed in it. Many people compare this to A Clockwork Orange because it has a Teddy Boy gang & Oliver Reed w/ a umbrella w/ a dagger for an handle but I think it's sorta a stretch. No relation to Village of the Damned or Children of the Damned Carey becomes romantically involved w/ Shirley Ann Field & her thug brother Reed doesn't care for that too much. As Carey & Field try to escape Reed & his gang they come across a group of radio active children who they in turn try to help escape the government organization that is keeping them hidden away. Not bad (Oliver Reed is the best part) but not a very satisfying ending. It could have used another reel of film or maybe they were setting it up for a sequel that never came..The theme song Black Leather Rock is great

crystal c (au) wrote: love this movie, it shows how all Christian preachers should be and how they should help those in need