Chanto tsutaeru

Chanto tsutaeru


Shiro’s struggle with his father’s cancer and impending death leads to a realization that he must communicate his love and admiration for him before it’s too late. A series of flashbacks reveals their relationship over time, and the trouble Shiro faced connecting to his strict father who was also his teacher and soccer coach. With a consuming secret of his own, Shiro, now in his late twenties and about to get engaged, must eventually learn how to share the pain of it with his loved ones. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Les E (ag) wrote: Here is one student who really landed on his feet. This is an original but simple story that got the backing of some very big players. Matheny did pull it out of the bag though with a beautifully made piece.

David L (kr) wrote: Somehow the title didn't enthuse me with much hope from this one, probably because of its lack of originality. You can pretty much tell that this is going to be about a beast with tentacles that grabs and kills people - and that's pretty much the whole concept. Set in a remote area of Ireland, the locals suddenly chance upon some random eggs that have been beamed miraculously down from earth in a ball of light. Once they hatch, they produce a ball of wriggling legs attached to a big hole full of teeth. This poor cast off of an alien type creature then 'grabs' its prey by sending out a long tentacle to attach itself to humans, and suck the blood from them, whilst occasionally ripping their body to shreds in the process. The one catch is that it's tee-total, one drop of alcohol and it has an allergic reaction. Therefore the villages response is to get hammered in the local pub - Genius! It's at this point, that any hope of it developing into a credible film is lost. It's kind of like a Simon Pegg and Nick Frost production, but without the comedy (although I think it tried to be funny, but failed). It's classed as a horror, but isn't scary, nor gruesome, with only a few mild references to gore to wet our appetite. The actual setting creates quite a depressive atmosphere, and despite the large p*ss up in the brewery, it never really gets going at all. More like an after hours version of 'Heartbeat' than an action thriller. Can't say this is particularly recommendable, but just like the pop band B*witched proved to us, occasionally we can be sure something credible will always make it out of Ireland - Just not this time ;)

Kat L (gb) wrote: some of these japanese horrors can be pretty good,but this isn't one of gave me one jump and maybe something was lost in translation but it just evolved into a muddled mess of random girls being thrown off the 13th floor because of some past mother daughter struggle.if anyone else can make any more sense of the story than that,i would very much like to know.if you find japanese girls scary,you may enjoy this.otherwise,maybe not.

AW C (gb) wrote: A solid Edgar Wright imitator with an underwhelming ending.

Dan C (it) wrote: Low budget and terrible in every way... A must see!

Joshua L (kr) wrote: Even if you don't have a fear of bipedal turtles, you should still avoid the film anyway.

Tyler A (es) wrote: Funny, entertainment chick slash comedy flick

Robert S (fr) wrote: In this episode Magnum goes undercover in the Australian outback as a cowboy. There are a number of plot holes regarding his presence in Australia, and I was disappointed to see no other stars from the series join the adventure. All and all it was good to see him hold character for the duration, even after the crime was solved.

JH K (fr) wrote: Aunque con algunos problemas, cinta muy disfrutable donde Leone sigue puliendo su estilo que le llevar a la excelencia ms elevada en su siguiente pelcula.