A filmmaker finds creative freedom more elusive than he imagined in this ironic comedy-drama. Tired of the state-appointed producers and censorship in his homeland, Soviet Georgia, Niko decides to move to France, only to find that he has merely traded one type of interference for another.

Nicolas is an artist, a filmmaker who merely wants to express himself and whom everyone wishes to reduce to silence. When he first starts out in Georgia, the "ideologists" hope to gag him, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Chantrapas torrent reviews

Max M (br) wrote: The best documentary you will find on The Man of Steel!

Brian B (ru) wrote: First of all, these so called critics that gave this master piece a 16% need to put down the crystal meth. This is one of Chris Tucker's funniest movies ever! Action, comedy, and a terrific plot, what more could a comedy enthusiast ask for! Chris Tucker at his best with a touch of action, a must see!

J M (ca) wrote: "Not One Of His Best Movies"**** 1/4If You're Going Into This Movie Hoping For A Plot That's Mysterious & Interesting Then This Is Not The Movie For You; Doesn't Have Much Of That. The Plot Is Only Put In Place To Establish The Seating For The Action Scenes That Jcvd Fans Want To See Like The Good Guy Crescent Kicking The Bad Guys In The Face, Working His Way Up To The Final Showdown With The Head Honcho Bad Guy That Is Sure To Entertain...(If You're A Fan Of Martial Arts Action Movies)To Make A Long Story Short This Is One Of Jcvd's Brainless Martial Art Films. Go Into It To See Just That & It Is As Entertaining As Hell. Not One Of His Best Movies But Because He Was Young In The Business I Understand Why He Had To Take What He Could Get His Hands On.~I Give This Film A B- (Bright) **** 1/4

Craig S (br) wrote: Being from Yorkshire, I recognise most of these places in the film (although some don't exist anymore, but not because they've been nuked!). Harrowing depiction of nuclear war and the fallout (no pun intended) of it. Excellent film, well acted.

Petros V (fr) wrote: Para poly kalo,poly kaloi kai oi 2 prwtagwnistes,dynath istoria,kai polla sxolia gyrw apo thn eksousia,thn antithesh fysh-politismos,palh twn fylwn klp klp.

Stefanie R (it) wrote: One of the best romantic comedies I've seen. I love when Doris Day and Rock Hudson share the screen together.