Chapeuzinho Vermelho

Chapeuzinho Vermelho

A man remains a virgin (and a voyeur) until he finds a red cap that turns him into a stud. But a friend resents his sudden "popularity". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan T (gb) wrote: Nice documentary taking you on a journey of b-boying and streetdance. Pay attention to Mr. Animation...dude's got super hard hits with his popping skills. Respect to all the pioneers in this flick that put this artform on the map.

Ethan P (es) wrote: I went into Walk the Line knowing very little about Johnny Cash and it was refreshing to see a movie that didn't immortalize him as charming and indestructible. The film is surprisingly somber in many parts and Joaquin Phoenix was an odd choice for the role, but he does a fantastic job showing how fragile and broken Cash was and the connection to his troubled past and his brother's death added depth to his character. Another detail I appreciated was how the film peels the celebrity veneer off Cash and Carter and shows them not as star crossed lovers, but troubled performers and a broken relationship.

Jenna I (us) wrote: Not bad, amusing, but I just never felt invested in any of the characters besides Adam Symes. Good cast though.

jesus h (jp) wrote: wouldnt watched again.

Matthew L (de) wrote: I don't understand why people hate movies that are trying to be realistic as possible, and blame it on bad acting. This movie is more informational than anything, and all people can think about is bad voice performance. The movie had great choreography, good camera movement, great music, interesting characters, and a great plot line. I don't honestly see any problems with this film other than it offending people because of a certain over-hyped symbol on a red piece of fabric.

Alex K (gb) wrote: Funny but forgettable

Gabriela P (nl) wrote: Best quote ever: "I am the king of the Echo People"....

Paul D (it) wrote: Flag-waving heroic story set behind enemy lines. Aside from the preachiness in reinforcing the clear messages, this Howard acted and directed feature is a strong piece of fictional wartime propaganda.

Jacob B (jp) wrote: B+I had fun with 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'; it's sentimental, funny, charming, and despite running into the romantic-comedy formula, decides to have fun with it and also provokes thought.