With the use of flashback, an elderly Charlie Chaplin discusses his autobiography with his editor, who urges him to be more vulnerable and emotionally honest with his memoirs while journeying through his poverty-stricken childhood, closest friendships, many marriages, merciless pursuit by J. Edgar Hoover, and ingenious invention of The Little Tramp. Highlighted works such as The Gold Rush and The Great Dictator illustrate significant turning points in Chaplin's prolific filmography. Also treated is Chaplin's exile from America and his eventual return to receive an honourary Academy Award in 1972.

The movie is a re-creation of the troubled and controversial life of the master comedy filmmaker Charles Chaplin, from his humble beginnings in south London through his early days in British vaudeville, his silent movie career in America and his late masterpieces. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hal M (us) wrote: Outstanding acting across the board, taut direction by Nicholas Jarecki. Highly recommended.

Eric A (gb) wrote: The rare indie that targets the gut as much as the brain--I did not expect to laugh out loud as frequently as I did. A refreshingly honest romantic comedy...with a distracting side of Yuppie guilt.

Allan C (ag) wrote: I suppose it's the same basic concept as the original, a teen hacker plays a video game they don't realize is a government operation. This time however, it's not a game for running theoretical nuclear exchange scenarios, it's the ridiculous idea that there is a government run video game website that simulates terrorist attacks where you can win real money. If you score too high on the game, the government comes to get you. While a teen hacking a government computer was a novel idea in 1983, it's not all that clever now. It probably would have been a more exciting story if it took it's story from today's headlines about cyber terrorism, Wikileaks or hacking groups like Anonymous. This film unfortunately ends up being a TV movie version of "Enemy of the State". At least Joshua and WOPR make an appearance near the end of the film.

Julian J (ag) wrote: At first I didn't think good girl Chopra could do justice to the bad girl role, but I was pleasantly surprised by her skills. She made this movie work.

Jack G (kr) wrote: sad end to Matthau's career

lanardriah k (kr) wrote: want to see it again

Daryl S (us) wrote: I can recognize this movie within the first 2 seconds... Love it!!!

Ekaterina P (kr) wrote: Beautiful actress, amazing perfomance by children, especially Mini) and life-story that can happen with any family but ending can be different..

Gordon B (us) wrote: Of all the different sports out there, it's boxing that has produced the best films. 'Fat City' is an underrated 70s film about two blue collar boxers who consistently find themselves on the wrong side of the American Dream.

William W (us) wrote: This may not be as strong as other Scott/Boetticher Westerns, such as 'Buchanan Rides Alone' or 'The Tall T', but it's very strong, and would make a great double bill with 'High Noon'--another fine flick about someone being brave enough to stand against the tide of local cowardice, and get things done in cleaning up the town's garbage.This is very unique in that Scott's character, Bart Allison, is determined for revenge, three years in the making, for the bad guy seducing his wife (who ended up killing herself in disgrace). He seemed to think his wife had the moral fibre not to do that sort of thing willingly--unfortunately, the entire town, even his best friend, seems to know otherwise.A great look at the lengths some will go to right wrongs they come across in life. Allison's dismay at the community for allowing another wrong to happen, midway through the picture, is something that haunts and stays with you, long after the film concludes. I would have given this a higher rating, aside from an obvious, amateurish mistake that happens around ten minutes into the film, when one of the women talks, but an arm from one of the actors completely occludes her mouth, straight through her entire spiel. It's a minor thing, perhaps, but I'm very surprised no one caught it by the time it was released, especially a director of Boetticher's stature.

Ryan V (us) wrote: Something of a lost film, in that it only recently had a DVD release. Horror fans won't find the wheel reinvented here, but the gore effects and atmosphere make this worthwhile. That and an early starring role for Viggo Mortensen.

Anthony S (kr) wrote: She only listens to legitimate swing.

Super K (au) wrote: The possessed guy really kept this film together. Another actor may have made it much worse.

Jerrod O (nl) wrote: Typical love movie.They fall in love, the have a fight, they make up. The end.