Chaplin's Goliath

Chaplin's Goliath

A film about the tall actor who was most famous for playing the quintessential villian for Charles Chaplin's Tramp character.

A film about the tall actor who was most famous for playing the quintessential villian for Charles Chaplin's Tramp character. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul M (ca) wrote: It was a bit of an awkward start - I wanted to know more about what had happened and who these people are before I could really get into the story. Even so it does take hold eventually, and the story of how this woman removed herself from her friends and family and died alone really got under my skin. Ultimately, this is an incredibly moving documentary, and one that I think will stay with me for a long time. The ending is particularly sad, and quiet difficult to watch - even to recall.

Christopher C (kr) wrote: everyone should check this out this DVD. so sad...

Peter P (it) wrote: A bear killing stupid annoying teens, worth seeing if you like these movies, and no nudity was a nice change.

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Emma R (ca) wrote: A good film one i'd watch again

MyFriendAli (us) wrote: Good Movie but Boring, about Corruption in Country! -Moral: If We Don't Change, Nothing Will Change!

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