Chapter 27

Chapter 27

The movie takes place in the three days leading up to Lennon's murder and is intended to be an exploration of Chapman's psyche, without putting substantial emphasis on the murder. The title "Chapter 27" suggests a continuation of J.D. Salinger's novel The Catcher in the Rye, which has 26 chapters, and which Chapman was carrying when he shot Lennon. Chapman was obsessed with the book, to the point

A film about Mark David Chapman in the days leading up to the infamous murder of Beatle John Lennon. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kimberley T (fr) wrote: So funny, so girly, loved it.

Arlena S (ca) wrote: You r something else!!

Kristin R (ru) wrote: I actually quite enjoyed this. Raw and realistic, this movie portrays love as it is. This was a great contribution to the inie genre. Loved that it is all in black and white as well. Not bad at all.

Matthew L (it) wrote: Anybody remember Devon Sawa? Nope, thats why he's starring in crap like this. I'm not gonna waste anymore space on this nonsense. Avoid at all costs.

Dan O (jp) wrote: Oh my gosh! Everybody's weird and crazy!

Nadia C (kr) wrote: First I thought it was really good, but after I saw "The lady vanishes" this movie is just a bad copy.

Sara E (mx) wrote: Typical B-Movie fare, not even Bruce Campbell could lure me into enjoying this...

VIC K (jp) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Tim M (es) wrote: A decent addition to the franchise, but never reaches the emotional depths of the first two. James Cameron is sorely missed at the helm...

K J E (de) wrote: recommended by dr blood

John Y (de) wrote: Half-hearted sequel to "In the Heat of the Night", but it has it's moments.

Private U (mx) wrote: how the stories perpetuate...

JohnnyLee T (gb) wrote: This movie sped by - was it rushed or was I enthralled? Whatever, it captures the politics of war beautifully - and it's the fighting man who is expendable. SPOILER Why is Broulard prepared to mount a case with all the ensuing publicity against Mireau? Dax seemed surprised too. Boulard didn't do it out of any sense of guilt or fairness, as he makes clear in his final speech to Dax ("the village idiot").Comparable to Ray's Bitter Victory which I preferred for its non-literal treatment.

Irvin C (gb) wrote: This film blew me away. A mild-mannered schoolteacher/family man discovers he has a serious heart ailment and is prescribed an experimental medicine that will help prolong his life. But then the drugs start changing his personality. This is a heartbreaking and even thrilling film. James Mason plays the lead in this and his performance is absolutely astonishing. The way he goes from loving family man and mild-mannered schoolteacher to....something else was masterful. Also masterful was Nicholas Ray's direction. The way he uses technicolor, light and shadow when composing the scenes and building dread was pitch perfect. This easily, EASILY ranks among his very best that already includes "In a Lonely Place" and "Rebel Without a Cause". I absolutely LOVED it.

Shayne S (kr) wrote: Heard it was horrible.

Ryan V (br) wrote: Cute movie about lost love returning with a supernatural twist. Frank Capra would've done something like this had he been alive and active in 1989.

Matthew H (br) wrote: It's an amazing movie that reminds me of my child hood each time i see it, I remember watching it with my dad and this movie is what got me in to anime

Scott K (fr) wrote: Would be 5 stars but Dan Foglers character was pretty bad. If they tunedchim down a bit it'd be classic.