The film consists of four "chapters", each related to the other in some or the other way. The film has a unique plot which talks about people who unknowingly ends up helping each other, in a series of events which take place precisely in two days and a night.

Comprised of four interconnected chapters, in the first chapter we see four young men undertaking a shady and risky venture for a huge sum of money when one among them faces a crisis. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Chapters torrent reviews

Nicola W (nl) wrote: This is much better than the reviews suggests. I thought it was pretty good. Martians kidnap a boys mum and he ends up on Mars trying to save her. good graphics and highlights the importance of family. Not as funny as other Disney animations but still worth watching

Christopher B (es) wrote: A mostly quiet, thoughtful drama centering on different responses to stress or danger. I don't know how many details of this morality tale are accurate, but it certainly seems true to the spirit of martial arts as depicted by Bruce Lee and others that respected the tradition.

Glorimar S (fr) wrote: I give one and half star for the blood... But the creatures for real was lame! Not a movie to watch 2 times. Some things was so computer looking... If you haven't seen this movie dont waste your money.

Agata G (ca) wrote: Awfully fun comedy abut a 22 - year old virgin who discovers that being visually impaired is much better than being able to see some things around him.

Jason S (jp) wrote: Just as good as the first one. We revisit folks from the first movie and find they are still a little nuts and we meet a whole new set of folks who have taken the love of a tv show way too far.Funny to watch.

Gregory G (jp) wrote: Hypocritical comedy by the Farrelly Brothers that offers few laughs, but expects us to swallow its condescending message. Jack Black is a superficial man who is only interested in women based on their physical appearance. An encounter in an elevator with a self-help guru (Tony Robbins as himself) leads to Black being hypnotized into seeing women only for their inner beauty. Gwyneth Paltrow is the woman he becomes romantically involved with. The gimmick is that while Paltrow appears obese to everyone else, she appears thin and beautiful to Black. (In the few scenes where Paltrow appears obese she wears a prosthetic body suit.) The Farrellys give us the trite message that real beauty is on the inside, but they undercut their own premise by showing Paltrow as thin for most of the movie. If they were really bold, Paltrow would appear obese throughout. Instead, the Farrellys want to have their cake and eat it too. They also offer the patronizing view that beautiful women are stuck-up bitches and that unattractive women are selfless and kind. There are funny moments, especially between Black and Jason Alexander as his like-minded friend, but the pacing is uneven and it doesn't have the uproarious silliness of the best Farrelly Brothers comedies.

lucy w (mx) wrote: If I were you, Hilary Duff, I would sue the studio who made this movie. And then I would sue you for wasting my time with such a bad movie.

Matt S (de) wrote: after all these years, it still "has me at hello".

Daniel G (it) wrote: Tom and Jerry: The movie, this is my cryptonite. ITS SO BAD. How is it so bad my brother had to hide the television remote so I wouldn't turn it off? let's find out...The story is a UTTER MESS. It's about Tom and Jerry helping a girl from her evil family, so exciting...At least the animations fine! It's like your average old, traditional animation. Nothing great, but nothing bad too.TOM AND JERRY TALK IN IDIOTIC VOICES, AND THE OTHER CHARACTERS ARE RUBBISH, overall, RUBBISH CHARACTERS.AWFUL SONGSOverall, Tom and Jerry: the movie is, AWFUL, with its generic story, songs that make NAILS ON A CHALKBOARD TOLERABLE, and making TOM AND JERRY TALK. A very bad movie, avoid it at all costs.1/10

Leslie B (ca) wrote: Tongue in cheek, would watch again.

Deb S (gb) wrote: Angela de Marco: God, you people work just like the mob! There's no difference. Regional Director Franklin: Oh, there's a big difference, Mrs. de Marco. The mob is run by murdering, thieving, lying, cheating psychopaths. We work for the President of the United States of America. Angela De Marco (Michelle Pfeiffer) wants out of her marriage to Frankie "The Cucumber" DeMarco (Alec Baldwin) because she longs for a life without all the worries that come with being part of the Mafia. But he gets knocked permanently out of the picture by Mob Boss Tony Russo when he slips up and has an affair with waitress Karen Lutnick, who also happens fooling around with Tony. Angela uses the opportunity to cut ties with her past in the hope of starting a new, honest life for herself and her young son. It isn't going to be as easy as she had hoped, since she is being spied upon by FBI agent Mike Downey, who poses as her neighbor to get closer to her. He later falls in love with her after he realizes that she is innocent pawn. Mercedes Ruehl steals the show as the paranoid and jealous wife of the Mafia boss, Dean Stockwell who plays her philandering husband Tony. Hilarious scene at the end which will have you cracking up between hubbie and the spurned wife lol! "Kiss it good bye"

Brandy C (br) wrote: Love it! Very funny, funny storyline, great comedic cast, one of my favorites.

Adam R (es) wrote: A classic comedy that pokes fun at our corporate world. It really hits the mark! (First viewing - Teen years)

Greg G (nl) wrote: Elizabeth Barkley ~?

Keith C (it) wrote: Lots of script/performance issues, but very nice to look at.