Char Diwari

Char Diwari

Sunil leads a poor lifestyle along with his widowed mother, and two school-going siblings, Anu and Tikku. He gets married to Lakshmi, who soon gets pregnant. Anu graduates from school and each of the family make individual sacrifices so that she can attend college. During Diwali, Lakshmi falls down the stairs, is hospitalized, has a miscarriage, and will never be able to conceive. Sunil decides to keep this a secret from the rest of the family, but subsequently confides in his mother. When Lakshmi finds out she wants him to re-marry, but he refuses. Then Tikku is sent to live with his maternal uncle for a few days. Shortly thereafter the family will be faced with three crises as Anu prepares to elope with a wealthy fellow collegian, a death, and a theft.

Sunil leads a poor lifestyle along with his widowed mother, and two school-going siblings, Anu and Tikku. He gets married to Lakshmi, who soon gets pregnant. Anu graduates from school and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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